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Sibyl Role Play
This forum created for everyone who are interested to live in a life with sibyl and judged for every action and move you had choose to make. May you enjoy living this new experience of yours.
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All About Psycho-Pass
Come here to discuss the anime, RP as your favorite characters or OCs, and even talk about how to truly define a criminal. Have fun!
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Psycho Pass Roleplay
Justice, and the enforcement of it, has changed. In the 22nd century, Japan enforces the Sibyl System, an objective means of determining the threat level of each citizen by examining their mental state for signs of criminal intent, known as their Psycho-Pass. Don't even THINK about committing a crime! (currently inactive)
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Hue Scanner
This is a place to challenge yourself, but keep that Hue clean! We're also here if you need inspiration and have a hammer to knock down that pesky word block. Challenges, competitions, boot camps, and the occasional Enforcer working out shirtless.
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