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Disregard Kyubey, Acquire Witches
Will you enter my forum and roleplay with us? I will grant any wish. Except mod rights, that's just trolling waiting to happen, We dont want that.
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Private Madoka Magica RP
This is a private forum for WhyNotFly, Witch of Tragedies, and me, broadwayfreak123.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: New Generation!
(The last one didn't work out so I'm redoing it.) Come make your own OC(s)! Make the new generation of the Puella Magi's!
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Madoka Magica General
Make a contract with me and I'll let you have a Madoka Magica General Forum. /人 人\
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: New Hope
What kind of world would the Earth be like if our original cast of magical girls Madoka, Homura, Mami, Kyouko, and Sayaka never existed? Would there be more Witches to fight? Which unsuspecting girls would take up their mantle and protect the city from harm and despair? And who will become the new light and hope for Magical Girls everywhere? Make a contract to find out. -OC Centric RP, Must have watched all of PMMM, No One Liner Posts Allowed-
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Overrun With Witches
A town without a magical girl protector for many years, Mitsouko City is overrun with witches. Noticing strange changes, girls in Mitsouko decide to fight... Are you one of them? Role play included. *no longer accepting OCs*
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Puella magi Nanako Hinata (rp)
Nanako appears to be a normal girl, but she's actually a magical girl. She thought she was the only one in the city, but it turned out there were more. Come join, what path will you lead the path of a witch or of magical girl. Currently open for oc's
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The Five Puella Magi Gangs of Tokyo
In the city of Tokyo there are five main gangs of Puella Magi, with their own bases and leaders. Some still have family and their own homes, some don't and live at the base. Either way, they're in a constant war for territory and grief seeds. So who are you? A gang members? One of their matriarchs? A freelancer? Or...perhaps...a witch?
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Bound by Contract
You didn't know that entering the contract would end like this. Did you even read the terms and conditions before you sealed your fate? This is now your life, and there's no turning back. Roleplay as a magical girl or boy and tell your own story. (Note: the mods on this forum are not... ehem... consistently active, so if you want to submit a character that's ok, but we are active in random spirits)
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Puella magi: Another Time (fanmade oc's roleplaying)
This is a madoka magical RPG thing for people who like rope playing and madoka magica "IM ACCEPTING CHARACTERS AGAIN, OC ONLY"
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Puella Magi Discussion Magica
Welcome to your all purpose discussion forum, where there are strictly NO INCUBATORS ALLOWED! Any Puella Magi (fans) can come to discuss everything and/or nothing relating to Madoka Magica.
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Puella Magi Jiera Magica
Jiera Akasuik appears to be a normal girl, but there is more to her than meets the eye. A lost friend, long dead enemies... Help Jiera fight witches and other magical girls as a Puella Magi! *still accepting OCs*
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Madoka Magica Challenges
Looking for some fanfiction challenges on some of our favorite Magical Girls? Come on over and challenge and be challenged!
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Madoka Magica Roleplaying
Hello fellow nerds. Please join this roleplay, you will most definitely get a say in whats happening. Anyone can make forum topics, and there are practically no rules. Just don't be rude and don't control others' characters without there consent. Anyone can ask to be moderator and anyone can join any forum topic. Any creative new idea will most definitely be accepted.
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Against Entropy (RP)
{4 spots currently open for Magical Boy/Girl characters. Check out 'Where the Hell Are We' thread for information on the RP.}
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 265 - Since: 03-10-15 - Admin: CocaoSicko
Madoka Magica (Active- not a lie)
Kyubey is back to his old tricks again, creating a practical army of new Magical Girls. But for what? What could Kyubey be trying to fight off- or defend? Make a contract with him to be a part of his army, or to help fight against it. (OC oriented, may change if demand is high or the story changes)
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Better to Die a Hero
When we became Magical Girls, we thought that it'd be a great time. Boy, were we wrong. I've watched so many friends die or fall to despair. I don't want to become a witch. I don't want to kill my friends. I don't want to become the villain...
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Puella Magi Mafia Magica
Rumors have been spreading of a rogue magical girl in Mitakihara City dedicated to killing off all the others. As Homura, Madoka, Nagisa, Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko investigate, they must be careful not to fall into despair and let the town fall to witches.
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 239 - Since: 06-27-14 - Admin: Flavvie
Witches are the terrifying creatures that magical girl become when they fall into despair or use up their magic. Fight them right here, right now as magical girls.
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Tomorrow's Fate
The city of Ihagaha. A small city, something worth nothing but overlooking. But within the city one can find the works of Puella Magi; magical girls who defend the city from witches, for one reason or another. As conflicts arise, it's best to focus on the present, for whatever comes later is simply tomorrow's fate. [RP - sign ups OPEN]
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I didnt sign a contract for this! A PMMM RP
Well i think it is my time to try and take a crack at making a form for people again.
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Magi Hunt
In the middle of a Japanese city is Irgihame, a school notorious for the supersticious traditions of its students. In a time of ranpant killings by a nigh-untraceable madman with an almost arcane knack for evading any authority, these traditions grow stronger-and Magi are born.
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Ask the Witches of Puella Magi!
Hi, my name is Elsa Maria. I am a witch. Me and my friends all wanted a Tumblr blog, but since we're not allowed to make an account, we decided we would make a forum on fanfiction instead. If you have a question for me, or any other witch, ask away here! Witches so far: Elsa Maria, Homulilly, Ophelia.
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Magical Journey
Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU/OC RP. When a strange aura envelops the small town of Kajiyama, a number of young girls are forced into a rather difficult decision: Let go of everything you love to save the world... or refuse, keeping your life but never being able to recover your blissful ignorance. Needs moderators and members- recommended for experienced roleplayers only.
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Mahou Shoujo Alicia Magica RP
Ehh? You're name is Kyuubey? Any wish I want?- Those were the last moments of my memory. Now all I carry with my is my name, Alicia. It's very cold here, and alone... Care to join me?
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