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Disregard Kyubey, Acquire Witches
Will you enter my forum and roleplay with us? I will grant any wish. Except mod rights, that's just trolling waiting to happen, We dont want that.
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Private Madoka Magica RP
This is a private forum for WhyNotFly, Witch of Tragedies, and me, broadwayfreak123.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: New Generation!
(The last one didn't work out so I'm redoing it.) Come make your own OC(s)! Make the new generation of the Puella Magi's!
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Madoka Magica General
Make a contract with me and I'll let you have a Madoka Magica General Forum. /人 人\
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Bound by Contract
You didn't know that entering the contract would end like this. Did you even read the terms and conditions before you sealed your fate? This is now your life, and there's no turning back. Roleplay as a magical girl and tell your own story.
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The Five Puella Magi Gangs of Tokyo
In the city of Tokyo there are five main gangs of Puella Magi, with their own bases and leaders. Some still have family and their own homes, some don't and live at the base. Either way, they're in a constant war for territory and grief seeds. So who are you? A gang members? One of their matriarchs? A freelancer? Or...perhaps...a witch?
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Puella Magi Discussion Magica
Welcome to your all purpose discussion forum, where there are strictly NO INCUBATORS ALLOWED! Any Puella Magi (fans) can come to discuss everything and/or nothing relating to Madoka Magica.
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I didnt sign a contract for this! A PMMM RP
Well i think it is my time to try and take a crack at making a form for people again.
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Madoka Magica RP: Shattered Souls
A lovely RP for any fans of the Madoka Magica series! Come here and create characters and RP in a fully interactive environment! Members always welcome. Come have some fun! (Warning. Fun comes at price of soul and you will be bestowed with magical powers as well as possibly having to face demonic versions of your friends in battle.)
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Mahou Shoujo Alicia Magica RP
Ehh? You're name is Kyuubey? Any wish I want?- Those were the last moments of my memory. Now all I carry with my is my name, Alicia. It's very cold here, and alone... Care to join me?
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Witches' Barrier
This forum is for those who are fans of Witches and KNOW ABOUT THEM WELL. Don't want anything to get spoiled. Either way, whether you have ideas for Witches or fanfiction of Witches in or out of Puella Magi, you are certainly welcome here.
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Puella Magi RP
Set before Madoka's time; A group of young teens decide to fight witches in exchange for their wish being granted. But do they know what's really in store for them?
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: New Hope
What kind of world would the Earth be like if our original cast of magical girls Madoka, Homura, Mami, Kyouko, and Sayaka never existed? Would there be more Witches to fight? Which unsuspecting girls would take up their mantle and protect the city from harm and despair? And who will become the new light and hope for Magical Girls and even Magical Boys everywhere? Make a contract to find out. -OC Centric RP, Intermediate/Serious RPers only-
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Grief Syndrome
A forum for people who want to play online in Grief Syndrome.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Under construction so please be patient! :)
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