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RWBY: The roleplay
The Team's are back for their softmore year of school at beacon with new faces and maybe some romance, Join in as a student or a teacher to help combat the darkness.
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RWBY: Huntsmen And Huntresses
The world of Remnant is in danger. Evil forces such as the White Fang and mercenaries are rising, and only the Huntsmen and Huntresses can stop them. Become your hero or your villain, join your team and experience the world of Remnant like never before in a wide variety of RPs, ranging from the Great War, Volumes 1-3, many AUs and Volume 4. *ACTIVE AND OPEN TO ANYONE*
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RWBY: Tales of Haven
Hello! This is an RP forum taking place during the first volume of RWBY. The catch? The story takes place at Haven Academy! Feel free to claim some canons or make your own characters! All are welcome!
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RWBY RP Forum!
This is a RWBY RP! Come and fight to save the world of Remnant with team RWBY and JNPR...and maybe break Cardin's legs! So have fun and relax as you join a team and fight the Grimm!
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RWBY and More Forum
Here you can RP as a regular RWBY fan, or play your part in epic Crossover AUs, including Space (Star Wars, Halo, etc.), WWII, Supernatural, and many more.
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RWBY: Aura's Reach
The outside world is a dark and dangerous place. The lights that reside in Remnant's kingdoms shine strong, but with nobody to protect them, they will flicker and die. Grimm can invade. Villains can scheme. Huntsmen and Huntresses can train. There is a call for a generation of fighters to defend the world from the depths of its own despair. Come roleplay and enjoy the ride!
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Rwby- New Moon (Closed)
10 years after our heros graduated beacon and new students are starting ther tale. But in the shadows evil forces are coming to gether to cause chaos. Will you be a hunter/huntress and save the world?
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RWBY (AU) - Fighting the Darkness
Ever since mankind has risen from the dust of the world, there has been a ceaseless war against the dark creatures of Grimm. When all hope was almost lost, mankind discovered Dust and are now able to fight back and carve out our own land and build kingdoms to be beacons of light in a world covered in darkness. Now is the time to join the Huntsmen and Huntresses in a fight against the darkness and evil of the world of Remnant.
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RWBY: Guardians of Remnant
In a time of peace, the four kingdoms of Remnant lived in a delicate state of peace. Yet darkness looms with new Grimm emerging from the darkness and individuals with their own plans being set in motion. If peace is to remain, then the world must call on their guardians to keep the peace.
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RWBY: The Fighters of Vale
Welcome back to Beacon! The legendary Vytal festival tournament has begun and hunters and huntresses from around the world have gathered to show their stuff. But be careful, evil is brewing and no one can say how this years could end. Now accepting new Members.
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RWBY: The Darkness Grows
The Sons and Daughters of the light grow and train to combat the growing darkness. But it is stronger than even they could have imagined. ...
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The OC Office
We have transitioned to Discord, use this code QZdZKms to join our server. Welcome to the OC Office, a place where the OC writers of RWBY can come together to talk about their ideas and stories. Hoping to create a friendly space where we can all talk about our plans to expand the fantastic, ever growing OC fandom of RWBY.
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RWBY: From Dust Unto Demise
Welcome to the world of RWBY! Come on in to join the ride through life as a Hunter, Huntress, even a monster if you want! Join different topics if you want but the main thing here is to have fun and protect the world from monsters. Now go! Enter the school and show the world what you're made of! :D
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RWBY Roleplay
The Team's are back for their softmore year of school at beacon with new faces and maybe some romance, Join in as a student or a teacher to help combat the darkness.
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RWBY: Hollow's Hold (Private!)
"The fall of many infamous villains has damaged the world of Remnant; the people are falling to their knees, begging for freedom and release. Instead, they are consumed by their despair, their cries for help filling the air as new enemies come forth and render all who face them as...hollow. Is this really the end of Remnant as we know it?" Interested in joining? PM Narratology or Hyperchrysalis for details!
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Legends of Remnant
Beacon has fallen. Now split amongst the continents of Remnant, the heroes will have to assume that role...the role of heroes. But not all aspire for heroic deeds. As knowledge of the Holy Grail and the five sacred treasures of a goddess spoken of only in legend reach their ears, the burning desires and wishes of each player in this tale begin to burn bright. Who will prevail...and will anyone be left to see the end?
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I'm starting an RPG where anybody can participate, and what anybody does can change the direction of the story, play as students, teachers, civilians or villains, the choice is yours. Please refrain from using profane language or speech, inappropriate actions and bullying. Students will work in teams of four, teachers will work to help the students and villains will devote themselves to ultimate victory. Who knows how this will all work out. Feel free to join, we're always accepting submissions.
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RWBY: Welcome to Beacon Academy
RWBY RP Forum - OC's only. The setting is five years before Team RWBY arrive at Beacon. The White Fang have just got their new leader, but haven't became the violent group we know in the future - yet. Instead, a different enemy has arrived in Vale. Can you stop them? Rated T, Safe for Work.
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RWBY: Tales of Remnant
A continuation of RWBY: Grimm Destinies under a different name. (RWBY AU) In a world constantly under threat of collapse by the creatures of Darkness, and much more sinister forces working in the shadows, Huntsmen and Huntresses are trained day in and day out to combat these threats...And now, it's your turn to rise to the occasion!
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RWBY : Legends of Remnant
A universe of RWBY, centralized not only in the Canon, but the various elements of headcannons our members create themselves. Take part of a massive world filled with monsters and Hunstman, and immerse yourself in the world of Remnant. (This Forum is Currently Private.)
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RWBY: Henceforward
The four kingdoms of Remnant are in a relative time of peace; Vale, Atlas, Mistral and Vacuo. Here academies have been created to train students to fight the creatures of Grimm and make life a better place. One such Academy, however, stands out among them, Beacon Academy. With the students of Beacon eager to begin their first year and start their new lives as Hunters and Huntresses this could be Beacon's brightest year yet. With all new faces, new teams, and maybe some romance. (Continued summary inside)
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Rooster Teeth rp
From the darkness of dusk to the first light of dawn. This will be the day... and lasers! PRIVATE RP.
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RWBY: A New Year
Teams RWBY and JNPR are back for their second year and with them is a group of new students hoping to survive their first year at Beacon Academy. This is an open ended RP where you can join Beacon as a teacher or a student, or maybe you'd rather be a part of the criminal underworld. You can do it all as an OC or a Cannon.
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Remnant Life
Attend beacon, explore the cities, wander the kingdoms, and save mankind from the Grimm. Here you'll follow through the first three Volumes of RWBY, making friends, teams, and memories before setting off in the ruined world of Remnant to find your own path in a blood world of evolution. Will the bonds formed in school still hold true in the Remnant wastelands or will the horrors burn your bridges.
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Rwby: A whole new generation
A new generation and a new stories unfold in the world of remnant. New students, new teachers, and new threats. The story unfolds with your decision.(yay, cheesy summaries are awesome, check the forum creators notes for details.)
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