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Rosario Vampire: Tales of Cataclysm
yup this is a rosario vampire RP forum. make an OC and join in. it even has it's own self contained story line so you don't need to worry about people saying that something isn't canonically correct. THE ORIGINAL CAST DOES NOT APPEAR. TSUKUNE AND FREINDS DO NOT EXIST. THE ONLY CANON CHARS HERE ARE THE TEACHERS
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Rosario Vampire RolePlay
Come create an OC, chill out, make new friends as you Roleplay in Youkai academy, come and join the fun :D
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New Year at Yokai Academy RP! (Reboot)
10 years after set plot. the only way you can touch main characters is if they are teachers. other than that, hands off. The original forum died out, so I now attempt to bring it back to life!
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Welcome to Yokai!
A new school year, new monsters
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Rosario Vampire RP forum
heres a RP forum for all rosario vampire fans , you can either be a cannor charter or a OC, or both, it doesnt matter
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RosarioVampire Capu 3
It's a new year at Youkai academy and there are some new faces. Come and Join and see the chaos that will inevitably erupt.
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Another Rosario Vampire RP
A Rosario Vampire Rp! Oc's are Welcome!
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Rosario Vampire RP Forum
There is only one school where monsters of the night may gather. ONE! Join the Rosario Vampire RP Forum. NO HUMANS ALLOWED!
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Brush with Death RP
NOTE: Nobody touches canon, I understand everybody loves the characters, but when you let some people control them, they are pushed so far out of character it's kinda sad. O.C's welcome, as well as transfers O.C's YOU'VE already made, because not everyone likes starting from scratch.
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Welcome to Yokai: Reincarnation
A reboot of James95's 'Welcome to Yokai' forum, due to his lack of appearance on there for a while (only doing this as his moderator). All RPers from there are welcome, as well as anybody who're interested in joining!
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Rosario Vampire: RP & chat
An RP and Chat forum dedicated to Rosario Vampire I & II . Talk about what you like/dislike about Tsukune, Moka, and the others or have your own characters interact with them! Come on in!
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Rosario vampire: next generation
welcome to the new yokai academy here humans are aloud to mix in with monsters so students can get a better understanding on how to fit in in the human world
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RosairoVampire RP: The Dark Ones
At the start of a new school year, a new student transfer. Unlike those that are his new classmate, Rei Soto is a creature no one seen in centuries. A demon appears in Youkai Academy and along with that a certain danger is bound to follow. What is this creature of hell doing at a school and how will it affect everyone who gets involve with him? Join OC's wanted! Read the rules first.
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Rosari Vampire Capu 3
Come and join us at Monster Academy. A place built by monsters for monsters.
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The Academy
Dare you enter the twisted world of Yokai Academy? Be you monster or mortal, enter at your own risk
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R&V Chronicles
This is a forum for news, questions, and anything else related to my fan fic "R&V Chronicles" or R&V in general. Anyone can post or create a thread in here if they want to so be sure to enjoy it.
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Tales from the School - Rosario Vampire RP
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Yokai High
An AU rp. Come and join the newest class of Yokai academy, as darkness moves and power corrupts. Fate will be challenged and what has always been shall be no more, and what was impossible shall come to pass.
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Yokai University
Where do the monsters of Yokai academy go to get their degrees? Yokai University of course! Create a character and go to Uni!
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Prepare to be Reviewed
People have to be warned. The public has to know. My name is ClanCrusher and I read and review it so you don't have to.
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Rosario Vampire RP
Make an oc, meet other ocs, rp. That's it. You don' like it, don't come here.
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Rosario Vampire (RP)
A school with Monster was a bad idea, she almost got caught pretending to be a monster until she actually becomes one! Experiencing powers for the first time, who will Angel meet that will help her with this problem? Join the world of mythical creatures and help Angel become normal once again.
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RosarioVampire RP (Private!)
This is where I and Hobbitness will RP!
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Academy of the Supernaturally Gifted
As you open your mailbox you find an envelope with the following letter: "You have been cordially invited to attend the Academy of the Supernaturally Gifted due to your "special" abilities. At our Academy you will learn management for your powers, skill development, and basic human interactions. at ASG we offer on campus living and many active clubs. Our faculty is also very "gifted" and want nothing more than to see you succeed. Congratulations on your acceptance and we look forward to meeting you.
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Rosario vampire lists
I will make a list and update it every week, please send me your list so that sits not just my opinion. i do read every story i can but i do need help, this will not be a permanent list update and discussions are welcome
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