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Come create an OC, chill out, make new friends as you Roleplay in Youkai academy, come and join the fun :D *ACTIVE*
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RosarioVampire Capu 3
It's a new year at Youkai academy and there are some new faces. Come and Join and see the chaos that will inevitably erupt.
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Rosario vampire: next generation
welcome to the new yokai academy here humans are aloud to mix in with monsters so students can get a better understanding on how to fit in in the human world
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Welcome to Yokai: Reincarnation
A reboot of James95's 'Welcome to Yokai' forum, due to his lack of appearance on there for a while (only doing this as his moderator). All RPers from there are welcome, as well as anybody who're interested in joining!
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Rosairo Vampire season 3
The school is now allowing humans and monsters in to farther coexistince without other students knowing come and rp with me an friends.
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Rosario Vampire Forum: Tales of the Future
Set after the generation of our current showed Canons, Moka and all of her friends are now adults in their time as the newest branch of Monsters are set to embark unto this Academy. Who and what will happen in this time of new made bridges? *P.S: There are other Monster Academies...*
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New highscool year
so its 2014 first school year worth of new types of monster
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Rosario Vampire (RP)
A school with Monster was a bad idea, she almost got caught pretending to be a monster until she actually becomes one! Experiencing powers for the first time, who will Angel meet that will help her with this problem? Join the world of mythical creatures and help Angel become normal once again.
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RosarioVampire: Ghostly Enrollment
Tsukune wasn't the only human to enroll at a School for Monsters that day, but what he never knew was that the human was a monster as well. Follow Tsukune, Moka, Mizore, Kurumu, and Yukari as they deal with the appearance of a well known fan favorite cartoon character.
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Rosario Vampire Private OC Database
Private thread for me and my friend to make our own characters and roleplay them. Don't post unless one of us, sorry!
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