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Sailor Moon RP: A new beginning
The Sailor Scouts are back! This time, however, new allies and heroes will be found, old enemies return, and one of the new heroes could hold the key to saving earth and the galaxy. Will that person be you? Everyone is welcomed to play as the girls or any other characters in the series or create an OC that could be a hero for them to find. The choose is yours.
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Sailor Moon RP!
A new enemy is here, and Sailor Moon and the Senshis have fallen. Who's going to stop this new enemy? You.
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Sailor Moon and Everybody Else!
OC's allowed and stories are also allowed to be promoted. Have fun role playing! Hope you make new friends here! Takes place anytime you want just say what time frame you are role playing in.
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Reborn Destiny
"You've always known you were different. Now in your fourteenth year, you have received a cryptic letter, a first-class ticket, and a mysterious relic that commands you to go to the ancient city of Rome." Hello everyone! This idea came to me the other day and I wanted to try it out. We are going to an alternate world where Sailor Soldiers' powers come from Historical and Pseudohistorical characters. What new adventures are awaiting us? We are still taking new characters, so feel free to submit one!
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RP based on the live action PGSM.Claim Cannons or create your own Dark Kingdom or Moon Kingdom member or scout and help stop the Negaforces resurrection of Queen Metalia..
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Sailor Moon RPG Forum
A forum created exclusively for a Sailor Moon RPG... Tell your friends!
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Sailor Moon Wish RP
After Sailor Stars, Usagi believes life will finally calm down, until ChibiUsa returns, only now, not so chibi, and she's not alone. Join as a senshi, or create a character, as the Senshi battle a genie and her minions. Rebooting, October 2014.
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Sailor Moon: Another Battle
This is set after the time in which Sailor Moon was completed.
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Sailor Moon The Sailor Stars Continues RPG
This is the continued part of sailor stars. The starlights returning. Rini returning to the past. pegasus is coming back. Old bad guys rearing their ugly heads. New loves and crushes. New sailor senshis. Please come and
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Sailor Scouts New life
This is an English rp! You can claim a cannon character or create sailor scouts and guardians.
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Sailor Hearts: A one on one RP
Have an idea you don't know what to do with? Want to create a new love story between your favorite characters? Have an OC you want to try out? Come join here :D
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Sailor Moon RP Forum
Come one, come all! OCs and Canon characters are welcome.
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Sailor Moon rp
A Sailor Moon RPG: an old enemy that was nearly forgotten has come back, but as the Neo-Negaverse, a more powerful version of a previous enemy that the Scouts have had: The Negaverse. Except all of the Generals have turned on Beryl, knowing their true master, so there are clones! Names based off of the Neo-Shittenou's names! Dub based!
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