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Saint Seiya: The Olympian Rebellion
60 years has passed since the defeat of Mars. Now a new threat has returned...in the form of old enemies. Athena and her Saints now have to form an alliance with Hades and his Specters in order to defeat the Titans, who have returned once again to kill the Olympians and reinstate themselves as rulers of the Earth. Can the Saints and Specters work together in order to defeat the newly empowered Titans?
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Saint Seiya: Counter Axis Dawn
The galaxian war, the battle with hades and the black knight army, the war of ragnarok and poesidon. Experience these great moments, these modern legends first hand as your cosmos burns in the endless battles!(OC's welcome, Some cannon mandatory.)
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Saint Seiya: The Final War RP
Abell returns and unleashes chaos upon the world. Can the saints stop him and his evil forces on time?
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