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The Way of the Blade
General discussion about Samurai 7, your favorite characters, and fanfiction.
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Life and Death: A Samurai's Game
Discuss your favorite pairings, characters you'd want to live or die in the series if you made it. No, i don't own it & sorry for saying such things.
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What's your opinion on him? This isn't for bashing just for thoughtsopinion.Personally he's my fav but some of the sites out there are confusing so speak your mind about him. But no outright bashing.. Happy autumnfall people..
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Original Movie
Check this out to find out about the original film that inspired this great anime.
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Request Board
Where everyone can ask or accept requests
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Discussion on Kikuchiyo: Is he still alive You dec
This forum is about Kikuchiyo and the one question:"IS HE ALIVE?"
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The Sword of the Soul Conversations via Forum
It's habit as I write to get feedback as I go... the review system is great, but no chance for reviewers to interact. So please help me with writing TSotS! Feedback on storylines, what you dodon't like, music suggestions, bring it on!
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Soul of the blade suggestions
I want everyone to be involved in the storyline so vote for what you want to happen and see it unfold.
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Type of Swordsmanship
I'm just curious on what Swordsmanship does S7 follows? I can only make a wild guess that Kyuzo is using Musashi's Niten IchiRyu...
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Samurai Forever
A forum for anything and everything Samurai 7 has to offer...but please, we've seen enough ShichiKan smut to last a lifetime.
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