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Seven Deadly Sins Roleplay
Ever heard of the seven deadly sins? They are the most powerful beings alive, lead by the Dragon's sin of Wrath, Captain Meliodas. Join Elizabeth and the sins on their adventures around the kingdom of Liones as a friend or Holy Knight! Ocs welcome!
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Seven Deadly Sins RP!
This is just another Seven deadly sins forum. Join in. Claim a character or just create an Oc.
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Seven Deadly Sins Counterpart
Seven Holy Virtues. A group made to stop the Seven Deadly Sins. Are they too nice to do that or will they try their best to take the enemy out?
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The Journey of The Sins! RP, discussions and more!
For those out there who love the Sins and want to continue their journeys while we wait for the new season to come out, OC's always welcome! Friendly RP, everyone's welcome!
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Seven Deadly Sins Rp
The first war ended and the Ten Commandments have escaped from the demon realm. Join the Seven Deadly Sins in battle. Oc and cannon characters accepted.
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Boar Hat
¡Sean bienvenidos al Boar Hat! Donde podrás disfrutar de una peligros..digo deliciosa comida a manos del dueño,¡Meliodas!,podrás ser atendido por las lindas meseras Diane,Elizabeth,Merlin y Elaine..y disfrutar con el resto de pecados capitales!
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The Broken Blade
Seven Deadly Sins stuff
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Meliodas and his Secret
* I got most of the storyline from Losing Control* Meliodas has a secret and he's trying to hide it but, it's coming out one by one he tells Elizabeth, Elizabeth tries to help.
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Welcome home
I don't really see a lot of fanfic containing Meliodas joining the Ten Commandments so I decided to write one.
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Is Escanor a Plant?
Just hear me out, please—
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not your Elizabeth
After when liz died she wasn't reincarnated as the third princess of liones. but as
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mmmmmmm yasssss
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Seven deadly sins, after the storm (King Arthur spin off)
this is a story I made to show a story from Arthur's perspective after SPOILER ALERT! Escanor dies and the fight with Cath...hope you like it it's my first story kinda just winging it.. I do not own nanatsu no taizai, cover art by sailorcath idk how to get perm tbh but I know that's the artist amazing work btw
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Lo Mejor Eres tú (Gaara x Derieri)
Ya ha pasado 1 año que terminó la Cuarta Guerra Ninja ahora todos los aldeanos de las 5 grandes naciones viven en paz Sin embargo,desde los cielos de Sunagakure va ha caer algo o bueno alguien que no tendrá idea en dónde está y que buscará el lugar donde pertenece. NNN: Quién eres tú! Donde rayos estoy! -Soy Sabaku no Gaara,El Kazekage de Sunagakure,estás en la frontera de mi país con la del fuego.
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