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Seven Holy Virtues
Not all kingdoms get along. One kingdom, Cardanil, has created a team of high ranking Holy Knights named the Seven Holy Virtues, specifically chosen and trained to counter the Seven Deadly Sins. Will these virtues fight for the kingdom that rained them, will they choose the side of the Sins, or will the abandon the war all together? The choice is yours.
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Seven Deadly Sins Roleplay
Ever heard of the seven deadly sins? They are the most powerful beings alive, lead by the Dragon's sin of Wrath, Captain Meliodas. Join Elizabeth and the sins on their adventures around the kingdom of Liones as a friend or Holy Knight! Ocs welcome!
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Seven Deadly Sins RP!
This is just another Seven deadly sins forum. Join in. Claim a character or just create an Oc.
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A Millennium of Bloodshed (Ryūkestuno Sennenkan)-流血の千年間
Set during the war of the Four Great Clans three-thousand years before canon events, it has been fifty years since the proclamation of war from the Demon Clan. The war has now began to get serious, and now everyone is training and fighting in hopes of defeating the dreaded clan. Will Buritania fall under the might of those evil beings; or will everyone unite to fight back before it is too late?
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Seven Deadly Sins: The Great War II
It's been three thousand years since the great war between the Demon Clan and other clans, but all is not calm. There are rumors of strange creatures and destruction, and Demon Clan is slowly making its comeback. To counteract this, the Kingdom of Liones is gathering up the Seven Deadly Sins, the highest criminals in the land, to fight against the threat of the demons. But will they prevail, or will Britannia fall?
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The Journey of The Sins! RP, discussions and more!
For those out there who love the Sins and want to continue their journeys while we wait for the new season to come out, OC's always welcome! Friendly RP, everyone's welcome!
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