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The Underground Base
A Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog general discussion forum that is most assuredly NOT a basement. Now with 75 percent less n00bishness!
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Keroro: New Generation shotai! De arimasu
New Generation, New Mission! Come and join the fun! Role playing as either a OC or as your favorite character's...KIDS OC !
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GiroGirl723's Keroro Gunso RP Forum (Includes LOTS of GiroNatsu!)
Come here for a SGT Frog RP! Is NOT next generation, but OC's are allowed! (Note: I AM a GiroNatsu fan, but there will be no Saburo bashing!)
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Keroro Gunso discussion, ideas, and roleplay!
Just another forum to discuss the characters, plots, ideas, and to find other people who enjoy this show and manga!
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Fans of this pairing can come in and talk about the Ninja couple in Keroro Gunso!
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Keroro Land!
Froggy Friends of all kinds are welcome here to discuss, roleplay, and show off. :3
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We all say that we love Keroro Gunso- That we are all addicted to it and it's pairings... But how much do you love it? This forum discusses that and more! Come for all your pairings, moments in Keroro Gunso, and your friends not getting your love!
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Kerero Gunso
All about GiroroxNatsumi
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Kerero Gunso Insanity!
This is where all the fellow fans can rpg, chat, and talk about their fave couples all they want! Hosted by my friend Katsusu
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Girara platoon's underground HQ!
Girara and her platoon have opened a base for Keronians underneath Raligeh, North Carolina! All Keronian OCs are welcome! Come on down!
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for ppl who love sgt frog and roleplaying
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GiroNatsu Anybody?
(Okami) Hey! Hey! You know all of those times when Giroro talks about Natsumi as a 'warrior' (like she is!)? Come up with something or talk about a time in Keroro Gunso (real or fake :)) when this stuff happens. Natsumi can be in her powered suit (optional, but I prefer it.. that is if I'm going to cosplay it after all!)
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Need Some Loving
HELLO! A superb animemanga HERE!… very much nonmainstream…XD Discuss or rant your hearts out! Spread the word! …
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Keroro funnies
have LOADS of fun chatting about funnies about the keroro platoon, like GiroroxKeroro KururuxGiroro and GaruruxGiroro tiffs... hehe...
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Shaded Pain SGT Frog FanFic
Shaded Pain and SGT Frog fan talk.
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TFshapeshifting zone
where humans and keronians can shapeshift at will.
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Is it just me, or is 'gironatsu' kinda annoying? I mean, the 'giro' side can be felt, but 'natsu' kinda shaky. Do they belong? Write it. If not? Write it . pleez keep cussing to a minimum. Thanx, the Commander
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Tamama presents:the key to sarges heart de arimas
Tamama wants to win keroros heart,but angol moa is in the way until tamama turns into a precure and reunited with his sisters and his / her twin sister (their is a lot of kerotama) (warning:their is alot of lemon) (if you have something bad to say don't say it)
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