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Flying high on wings of freedom- Attack on Titan roleplay
It's time for humanity to fight back against the Titans, so strap on that gear and grab your swords. You fight for humanities freedom today!
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Attack On Titan RP
If you're an Attack on Titan fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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Cuartel General de Trost
[Foro en remodelación.] Bienvenido a la morada de los héroes. ¡Alístate! Encontrarás un espacio para retos, juegos, y mucha diversión.
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Attack on Titan(with canon characters)
Attack on Titan RP with CCs and OCs. Now has a Main RP and a One on one RP. Read the rules to see which one you'd like the join, if not both. Click on the category Important to see the topics you need first. Main RP is during the training days and you can join any military division you wish. The One on one RP means freedom. Enjoy! The Main RP is on hiatus.
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Shingeki no Kyojin RP: Bringing peace to Wall Maria
Do you want to protect those you love from the man eating Titans? Do you bear a grudge against the Titans? If you do, then join the Survey Corps and help take back Wall Maria! You can RP as your favorite Canon characters and/or your own OCs!
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Association Pour la Défense d'Erwin Smith
[Fermé] L'APDES lutte avec honneur et bravoure pour rétablir la vérité sur cet homme merveilleux qu'est Erwin Smith. Entrez, on ne mord pas...
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Attack on Titan:Relight
An attack on titan redux RP that takes place as of the graduation section of the series and will redo a good deal of things and have some epic original arcs,OC's welcome but cannon is mandatory.
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Attack on Titan RP Cannon and OC
Yet another SNK RP forum. One cannon per person and as many OC's as you think you can keep up with. Looking for mods as well if you have the time to commit to it. Rating can go anywhere, I don't care.
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We Are The Hunters
[Until otherwise stated, this roleplay is private for friends who have been asked to join. Sorry about that.] Just a "Shingeki no Kyojin" roleplay. OCs accepted.
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Attack on Titan RP
OC roleplay, and chat. Welcoming canon character claims as well.
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Kyojin no Sureiyāzu
They are the prey and we are the hunters. Join the military to bring humanity back to its former glory. The survey corps, strong, free, and brave. The outside world is our birthright, and we will fight to the death to reclaim what is ours. The garrison, calm, intelligent, and tactful. We are the last of humanity, cooperate and live as one. The military police, driven by undying loyalty to our majesty. Protect their grace at all costs.
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Attack On Titan: Next Generation
All the heroes from the Generation we knew are either old or dead. But, their children carry on their legacies. Come roleplay as a canon or as an OC. {Active}
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Shingeki no Kyojin Discussion
For spoiler reasons, I'd like to limit this forum to the Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan) Anime ONLY. Theories, chit-chat, pairing ideas, as well as friendly debates are all welcome here. Why not join us today?
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Shingeki no Kyojin Roleplay
For the first time, humanity has started fighting back on the Titans that have pushed them on the brink of extinction. Will you fight to survive? Or will you be one of the many, many fallen? An Attack on Titan RP forum that I decided to make. NOT spoiler free. ACTIVE.
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Across the Dappled Twilight Sky
The walls have been standing for many, many years. There has only been peace; titans are merely stories parents tell their children to keep them obedient. However, that changes with the arrival of the Burrowing Titan, who quite suddenly throws the human race into chaos as Wall Maria is abandoned to the horrific titan plague. (OC's only Roleplay!)
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Beyond Wall Maria
It's a dark time now. Citizens are captivated behind walls that were once safe and protected. Savaging beasts known as Titans roam the outside, ready to prey on human victims. With all but a choice, it's up to you who lives and dies.
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LeviHanji fans
Como lo dice el titulo: solo fans del levihan ;)
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SNK Roleplay
Here is a place where no one claims a character and you can request one on one or group roleplays with anyone. RP SNK freely with no worries! OCs, yaoi, yuri, gender bends, and etc. are allowed.
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Attack On Titan: Rise and Fall of Humanity
This role play starts during the battle of Trost District. Come create characters and fight the war against the titans, how the story turns out is up to you.
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Shingeki no Discussion
Join the club and talk about this amazing manga! Discuss ships, latest chapters, episodes, and Titans themselves. Warning: there will be spoilers for anime viewers only.
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Shingeki no Forum
Bienvenue, ici on va parler de tout se qui concerne le manga SnK, les pairings, les chapitres, les théories, les persos enfin vous verrez bien les rubriques alors amusez vous bien
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The Review Corps
We are a SnK/AoT community that promotes leaving quality reviews on our members stories. Come on in, introduce yourself, and add your story to our community.
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Mikaille fans
La pareja Rivaille (Levi) & Mikasa Ackerman
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Adventure on Titan
The land may not be in true peace, but humanity knew it was time to venture forth and discover what is beyond that wall. You join the military at the prospects of the promise of adventure and learning the truth about humanity's past. However, there is still peril beneath this peaceful era and it's amidst humanity itself. (Feel free to join)
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Shingeki no Kyojin Roleplay
This is a roleplay blog for the Anime Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin. We are OC friendly and will accept them all (If they are decent).
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