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La Caja de Pandora
Este foro es un espacio dedicado a todo adicto de Skip Beat! Aquí encontraréis retos sobre cualquier temática y otros temas de interés general (debates, juegos, recomendaciones) que puedan llamar vuestra atención. Participad, por favor, y ayudadme a levantar un foro dedicado a Skip Beat en español!
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The Skip Beat! RP
All characters are up for grabs due to inactivity. I'm still here, if anyone feels up to RPing
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Skip Beat Fanatic
Just some general discussion and speculations on the developing story of Skip Beat!
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Skip Beat A-Z story game
As it say's in the title this Forum is for people to play the A-Z story game, this can be fun, funny and challenging so why not come in to find out more :)
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Your Challenge
Place your challenge or find one you want to take on! I would like to make this a forum where all "Skip Beat- challenges" are gathered so don't hesitate and just challenge! (please add "... -challenge" in your summary when you write a story to a challenge, that way I can find your story and add it to the challenge community :-) )
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Skip Beat! Fanfic Awards
You've read the stories. Now vote for your favourite story and author.
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Skip Beat Future
This forum is dedicated to all predictions based on past chapters, so as time goes on, we can see how much our predictions have either deviated from, or were true to what actually happens in the story.
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The Truth Behind Mogami Kyoko
Who is Mogami Kyoko? Why did her mother despise her and left her to the care of the Fuwas? Who is her father? Is he dead or still alive, looking for his family? In this forum, you can all speak about Kyoko, her astounding talent, her quirks, and her near
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New Talent
Oh, what do we have here? Anoother Skip Beat! RP? Hmm, and one for OCs, too! Sound like your kinda forum? Then come on in.
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the companion forum to the C2. Discuss Ren, Kyoko, Sho, the chicken, and everyone in between. Share fanfiction ideas and manga updates. Oh yea, suggest any fanfictions that should be added to the C2 SkipBeating. Offers of staffing are appreciated.
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It's your turn to shine! Weather be a revengful little girl, or a LME professional, or a LOVE ME worker, Shine has it all! Begin your first step towards golden glory!
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Skip Beat! let's be fans together
Here we want to talk about Skip Beat, its characters, its plot and our wishes and stories.
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El mundo Skip Beat!
El mundo Skip Beat! en habla hispana, comparte opiniones sobre la serie, tu personaje favorito, etc! e intercambia ideas con los demás seguidores!
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Picture Challenge!
Perpetual challenge: with a random picture chosen from google, write a story. Time limit: one week. After that, I'll change the picture. You can use whatever you want on the pic: the text, the background, the character s ...
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I Dare You
Link inside Anyone who reads Skip Beat! must have seen this ad by Franky House. I just adore it! So I wanna know: has there ever been a fic based on it before and/or if you could create one?
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Dark Moon
I really love the story, character, etc. of Dark Moon. I want to hear your ideas of what you think happens in the story. :
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MokoxSho, Your thoughts?
This is just an idea that won't leave my sick little head cuz the more I think about it the more I like it! What does anyone else think?
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 1 - Since: 11-02-10 - Admin: thedeepestdaydream
Talk about the hottest scenes in Skip Beat! With each new chapter release we are inundated with information about Kyoko, Ren/Kuon, Sho and everyone else in the manga, so sometimes its hard to keep up with it all. Everyone notices different things, has different opinions and is hoping for different outcomes. Let everyone know what you think is likely to happen next, tell us what you picked up on and learn something new every time you visit.
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Looking for a readereditor for a Skip Beat! fanfiction of mine!
I'm writing a very serious and lengthy fanfiction currently and wanted to find someone willing to edit and brainstorm some improvements with me! More details are found below on the first topic.
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The Oddities of Canon
Being as how there are plenty of possible canon pairings, I'm not going to discuss MarySues as I have in other forums. Here, I want to poke and prod the existing canon with character analysis and situational analysis and relate them to real life.
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blinded by sexyness
Kyoko has come back from a drama her body has chage alot and still growing.pairing RenxKyokox? and alots more
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SkipBeat! random forum
This is a forum for random Skip.Beat! dicussions...it is created out of randomness and the urge to do something when I'm bored. Role-playing is most definitely welcome!
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Simply Skip Beat!
Character analysis, Chapter discussions, Predictions, Pairings YOU NAME IT, WE DISCUSS IT! Latest news on and around Skip Beat!
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Love at First Sight
What would happen if Ren finally gets to meet the mysterious girl he had always had dreams about since he was ten? Would it be love at first sight, or something else? I know I'm horrible at summaries, but I hope you like it anyway.
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Get story ideas
For those who want to see their plots written or get ideas to write stories
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