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Slayers RP forum
self-explanatory. Basically a forum to make Slayers RP threads. Please follow rules before posting.
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Ahria's Slayers Forum
Discussion about the Slayers world in general. Stop in and add a comment or two!
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Llybian Minamino's Slayers Section
Wow. A forum for my own fanfiction. Egotistical, much? ...Discuss Slayers fanfiction written by Llybian Minamino and get a scoop on upcoming stories.
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Talk about anything related to Slayers!
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Finding fellow slayers friends and or fans :D, fo
If you love any of the pairings from the slayers :D.
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Slayers Alt, discussion
Discuss the Slayers fanfic Slayers Alt. Events, characters, pairings and such.
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Anya Inverse's Slayersverse
All things Sltyers, but especially the Anya Inverse continuation series begun with Slayers Inheritance and now being resumed with Slayers Legacy.
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Slayers creativity: not just written
This is the place where I write my ideas on Slayers programs Like games or other stuff, and you can do the same. I need a few new ideas to steal... er I mean, to make them reality.
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Slayers y sus temporadas
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Slayers all RPs
Slayers RP forum for threads and playing my RP
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ReBirth: A Slayers Roleplay
This Roleplay takes place after the Defeat of Valgarv and the Shadow Dragon. Now an Academy has opened for Young Mages and Witches. But away from that nice School-Life, a new Shadow rises. And Lina Inverse, now a mature woman and has to gather her old and some new allies to solve the new Problem. And among the new allies are some Magic-Users, Fighters and Demons. WIll you be among the allies or among the enemies?
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