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Slayers RP forum
self-explanatory. Basically a forum to make Slayers RP threads. Please follow rules before posting.
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Ahria's Slayers Forum
Discussion about the Slayers world in general. Stop in and add a comment or two!
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Llybian Minamino's Slayers Section
Wow. A forum for my own fanfiction. Egotistical, much? ...Discuss Slayers fanfiction written by Llybian Minamino and get a scoop on upcoming stories.
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Talk about anything related to Slayers!
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Finding fellow slayers friends and or fans :D, fo
If you love any of the pairings from the slayers :D.
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Slayers Alt, discussion
Discuss the Slayers fanfic Slayers Alt. Events, characters, pairings and such.
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Anya Inverse's Slayersverse
All things Sltyers, but especially the Anya Inverse continuation series begun with Slayers Inheritance and now being resumed with Slayers Legacy.
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Slayers creativity: not just written
This is the place where I write my ideas on Slayers programs Like games or other stuff, and you can do the same. I need a few new ideas to steal... er I mean, to make them reality.
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Slayers y sus temporadas
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Slayers all RPs
Slayers RP forum for threads and playing my RP
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feel well
zel/ xel ) zel what to kill him self but the other say other wise .
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Archivo de fics Slayers en Español
Slayers ("Los Justicieros", "Reena y Gaudy") fue uno de los animé más populares en el mundo de habla hispana durante los 90s y parte de los 2000s, con un pequeño revival a fines de la década pasada. Y aunque su fama ha decaído mucho con los años, aún hay historias memorables para leer escritas por los fans y que no deben ser olvidadas. Éste es un pequeño espacio para hacer homenaje y promoción a dichas historias.
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