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Soul Eater RP - Stolen Souls
After the Kishin's death, peace has reigned Death City for a while. But all good things come to an end. A new Kishin has risen, lurking in the dark and innocent souls are disappearing all over the globe. So, go ahead and send in an application, student or teacher. Let the classes begin!
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Soul Eater RolePlay
Please DO NOT advertise or create topics on this forum without my permission, but over all, all are welcome to join and become part of our roleplaying family. :)
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Soul Eater RP of Awesomeness
A Soul Eater RP like the title says. Starts from the beginning of the series. Canons welcome but I prefer ocs. Have fun and please join. This is a subplot to the actual series, there will be mentions of canon plot points but we will do little to effect it since we have our own plot going on.
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Look Into My Soul (Soul Eater RP)
The DWMA has trained the best weapons and meisters, leaving its mark on the souls of those who have walked through those doors. Now, let us welcome the next class! Students still being enrolled, teachers applications still being accepted! *Private RP* Join by invitation only!
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Soul Eater OC roleplay!
The place where crazy shiznick happens.
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Soul Eater roleplay
You can role play chat make friends create an oc up to six, if you can handle it have a partnership play games in chat. Please be friendly with each other or at least civil.
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Soul Eater Rp! ACTIVE
Make an OC, You can have a canon, but it isn't as creative. Adventure, Make friends, Kill Pre-kishins, and Just hang out! ALWAYS ACCEPTING! Also, if you dont join *Holds up random weapon* I WILL take your soul. (Warning: as of 8/18/13, all charecters are subject to draw.) WE HAVE REVAMPED! OCS ACCEPTED ONCE MORE! HOOOOOORRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! (plus 54098542358234437530447549875465 more)
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Soul Eater Time! (RP)
Please join. Have fun.
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Soul Eater: The Madness Plague RP
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Soul Eater RP
As the name and category states, this is an RP for Soul Eater.
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Soul Eater Newbies RP and Chat
This is a fourm to RP and chat for Soul Eater. Anyone can join, OCs are allowed. Be mature and have fun. Swearing is also allowed. This is mostly for people who just started watching Soul Eater too.
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Soul Eater: Perfect Resonance, A Soul Eater RP
This RP takes place two months after the defeat of the Kishin Asura. The city has just finished the last of it's repairs and the DWMA is about to open it's doors to it's students once more. But a new threat is on the horizon, one far more powerful than the Kishin was, and this being has no qualms about destroying everything in it's wake. Will Soul, Maka and their friends be able to survive? This is a cannon character RP, but OC's are allowed as well. So, if anyone feels like role playing, then come on in.
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Soul Eater RP
This is an RP form where you can have fun and join in! please come along and play!
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Core Pride: (Soul Eater RP)
The Next Generation of Soul Eater is here! The children of the Gang will now be enrolling in the DWMWA, the newly rebuilt and renamed Death Weapon Meister Witch Academy. What path will they choose? The path of a demon or warrior? Roleplay, Chat and Have fun! Make an OC and explore the world of Soul Eater. (Active and Always accepting).
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Soul Eater RP
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Soul Resonance
An alternate Soul Eater universe where the rules still apply no cannon characters except for Lord Death. Kishin still trapped under the school and insanity has yet to break loose...but it s only a matter of time will you have what it takes?
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The Lost Ones
Years later after the defeat of Kishin Asura, everything seems to be in peace. Kid has taken over his father's position, Maka became a teacher, and new students are arriving at the Academy day by day. But someone is not happy with this peace. And that somebody is out for revenge. So what will everybody do when the Soul Eater gang start going missing?
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Soul Eater: Awake and Alive
It's a struggle keeping up with this academy crawling with meisters and weapons from different level ranges. And now a new addition, allied witches which struggle to deal with discrimination and bullying. Soul Eater, the meister, weapon, and witch academy set out to defeat all evil. *Open for OCS and Canons and still in creation*
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Soul Eater RP
Create your own character, have a canon, find a partner, join a team, take a mission or two and explore the world of Soul Eater.
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A Soul Eater World and Role Play!
Submit your Ocs And let's have fun! You could be a Keishin, Meister, Weapon, Witch, or even a Human! You, and your weapon, or not, can go on adventures trying to get your way in the SOUL EATER WORLD!
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Soul Eater: RP
Hey, buds! And possible soon to be buds...whatever... This is an RP, so sit back, relax, have a can of coke or whatever you want to drink and have some fun!
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Another Soul Eater RPG, with a twist
Lord Death has sent his students out to place fliers all over the DWMA to invite new students to the academy to help aid in the restoration of the planet after the Keishin Asura was defeated. If you want to join in the DWMA, just answer the fliers!
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Soul eater Rp
Sorry I did it again! Another Rp forum that will prob be FULL of Yaoi!
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Soul Eater: Sinful Nature
Years have passed since the defeat of the Kishin, Asura. The treaty between the new Lord Death, Kid, and the Witches stays strong. Out of the shadows, came a new threat. They are Kishin Eggs that have transcended into something else. They are the 7 Deadly Sins. They went on to do their own thing which resulted in Witches and a Death Scythe being killed. The Witch covent believed DWMA killed the Witches and vice versa. The treaty was broken and a new war began.
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Soul Eater Roleplay: Dissonance
*OPEN* After the death of the Kishin, Shibusen never has been the same. The level of excellence and quality from the Students dropped dramatically. And, after just months of ridding the world of such a serious threat, enrollment hit the fan- only a certain amount of children in every department left. "If the school could handle a madman, it can handle anything," the people said. Everyone believed it- until the program up and closed one day. 15 years later, things are changing... (Plot Inside/CC)
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