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Spice and Wolf Roleplay
This is a revived forum from my other acocunt, chibineko63. Here you can roleplay Spice and Wolf and discuss about the anime, manga and novels. I hope you join and have fun!
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OC and Wolf (Spice and Wolf Roleplay)
As Holo and Lawrence travel throughout their land, elsewhere in the continent, other stories are told. This roleplay is for people who REALLY want to get into a possible roleplaying story for Spice and Wolf.
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Authors and Fans, Gather here!
I hope that through this forum, I will be able to attract more attention to this series and maybe even help those who want to start writing fan fiction to get the motivation they need. Current writers will be able to update their stories and ask for ideas
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Spice and Wolf RP
A Spice and Wolf forum for roleplaying. You may discuss and debate the manga and anime here! All fans of Spice and Wolf join here!
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