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Title says it all. Come here if you love Haku.
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Spirited Away RP
Wonder how this will work...lol I need to stop making forums I barely go on a lot of mine.
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Spirited Away RP
This is where you choose either a spcharacter from spirited away or make up your own. First off though u need to put a description of the person unless it's someone from spirited away and only one person can have that person. DIBS ON CHIHIRO! Anyways enjoy.
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Spirited Away Obsessions
ChihiroxHaku! I love them I love them I love themmm They are so cute together.
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Spirited Away
I just love this movie. As always, this topic is open for discussion but please, be appropriate...
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The NoFace Chronicles
NoFace ramblings.
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Spirited Far Away RP
Years prior to the event involving Chihiro and Haku. The mystical world of "Spirited Away" still remains the same. The grand bath house, small village town, all the same, as if never touched. As if time stopped moving. And the spirits welcome you.
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Read the title it's a roleplay [duh] join quick.
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What if
Basically, a thing where you say, What if this happened... and the other people answer what they think. So, here's my question, What if Chihiro didn't correctly answer the test?
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Haku, that says it all
Come here to talk about favorite parts in movies, and your favorite anime boys:
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Help search
People need hep finding old storys once forgotten
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Do you think he will keep his promis?
Remember the part were he promises Chihiro that they will meet one day? Well do you think he is telling the truth and does he have any feelings for her?
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Different Pairings
Hello everyone, so we write ususualweird pairings for our fanfics, got any ideas? want a say on what we are doing? then feel free to let us know.
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Reflection of the Spirit
Sure, the name's a bit lame, but the forum isn't! Is there anything from Spirited Away you would like to discuss? Then come here! So many unusual subjects to be explored!
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Would you go?
would you go into the world of spirited away if so what would you do?
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Kaonashi Loving
NoFace deserves to be loved! Celebrating NoFace fanfics here!
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Spirited Away RPG
This is a Spirited Away RPG, come on and join the fun!
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Spirited away form YAY!
Spirited away
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Isn't baby cute? Vote out for Boh!
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