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Strawberry Panic RolePlay
Yes a SP rp. Create a character and join in to the yuri drama! Pick a school and interact with others and create your own story. OC's recommended but you may play some Canon characters
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Strawberry Panic is teh LOVE
This is just another forum to obsess on the show with. I love the show, and I pretty much stick my eyes to the TV. lol
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Strawberry Panic! Roleplay
A roleplay for Strawberry Panic! taking place where the anime ends. OC's are welcome, and if you would like to play a canon character just ask an admin!
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Stawberry Panic! RolePlay for all
Every Strawberry Panic RolePlay I see or try to go on is DEAD! And I think that is just sad, cause I really liked the Anime and thought it was cute. Strawberry Panic is about Love between two girls(yuri) and the girls all attend three Schools. Choose where you go, who you Like, and see if Your love story will last. Please enjoy and just know you can join any day and any time and I will not let this forum die! Pinky promise :3 Enjoy yourselves.
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Why shouldn't it continue!
This is a discussion why Strawberry Panic should have continued!
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Strawberry Panic!
Asakust's Strawberry Panic Forum. A place were Yaya worshipers are most welcome XD Of course other fans are welcome to drop by too! Feel free to post ideas or requests on stories you'd like to see.
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Welcome to the strawberry dorms!
A RP game, join and imerse yourself in a beautiful world full of lovely maidens! OP only please
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Everything Strawberry Panic! :D
So not many people are really interested in strawberry panic anymore, which absolutely sucks. So I'm kinda using this as a way to be able to meet its remaining fans! Also I am planning on attending a few anime events in the UK in a few months time, it would be awesome to meet some new people and meet up as a group of strawberry panic cosplayers! This forum can be used as a role play or chat I really do not mind :'
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Yuri Shoujoai
For anyone who likes yuri shoujoai
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The Molevolent Shizuma
My major Fanfiction project that is taking place at the beginning of Strawberry Panic! It contains characters from Code Lyoko, Dragonball Z and also custom characters Hunter and Scorpion. If you have any suggestions or just want to plain talk about it..
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somos asi
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