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Strike Witches RP forum
The first Strike Witches Role Play forum on Fan Fiction! Come and enjoy, and if you feel tired, stop by the general chat threads to enjoy a lively conversation or two. All are welcomed!
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Anything and Everything - Kantai Collection - Strike Witches
A forum divided into Sections, the Topics will be marked AE for Anything and Everything/ KC for Kantai Collection/ and SW for Strike witches, the ones from the crossover RPs of Strike witches and Kantai Collection will be marked SW/KC or KC/SW, so create OCs, or claim cannons from either series, and join in, Have fun. (Forum is Private, if you are not already a member and wish to join, send a PM to Lt.James to discuss the matter, Thank you, and have fun.
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World Witches Series Original Characters (CENTRAL)
First off... HOW MANY OC Characters ARE THERE? When I was reading a lot of Strike Witches fanficts, I am impressed there are a lot of authors making A LOT of original characters, mostly female witches. Male OC's are definitely welcome too. All that's actually needed is a spark as to how each character comes to life, their details, and of course their relationships to the canon characters of the Strike Witches Universe! Join us here for a great time because I'll be making sure to update this too.
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Strike Witches Forum
FanFiction's premier Strike Witches forum. This is where you can discuss anything Strike Witches-related, so come on in!
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Strike Heroes Discussion Forum
This is a forum designated for the "Strike Heroes" series, where any reader of the series can come in and chat with me or each other about the series. Details can be found inside.
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Story Idea, Need Help!
So here's my idea, take a kingdom hearts styled game and use you favorite Animes. I have an idea as to some of the main "areas/zones" but I need more. Obviously there's a Strike Witch zone. To be called: World War Witch Zone Also including Fairy Tai
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Strike Witches Original Anime Canonverse Stuff
Strike Witches has three significantly different versions of canon; The Light Novels, the Manga and the Anime and now the movie, so... four . This particular forum has been established to discuss established anime canon only and the basic structure and rules of the SWU. Particularly to give a resource of information, discussion and exposure to those whose only experience has been the Funimation version, which was significantly altered from the Japanese broadcast version.
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Strike Witches Story Ideas
Hello mates, these are an area of forums that are of interest for the creation of interesting Strike Witch Story ideas, and I would be more than glad to welcome any story idea and help out as best as I can to all story makers out there.
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Stranded Forum
For whatever you want to know about charas, lore or chapters.
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Strike Witches: Over and Beyond
Kicking off from the last series of Strike Witches, but their new enemies are not only Neuroids; we can create our own with new geography and base! Non Strike Witches O.C.s are allowed and we also provide variety of Cannon characters from the actual Strike Witches manga!
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Strike Witches: Swarm Story request
I have an idea for a new enemy for the Strike Witches universe but can't write it out. So if your intrested in seeing something besides a Neuroi spamming lasers like its going out of style then Pm me and I'll give you the details of the new Enemy.
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