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Sword Art Online
"Link Start." Welcome to Sword Art Online. Time to create your character and enter the world of Aincrad. Your goal is to try and beat all 100 floors and make it out of the game alive, or die tying. Make friends, go on quests, level up, create guilds, fight bosses, and work your way to the top and clear the game, but if your HP reaches 0, you are dead. This is Sword Art Online, have fun and try not to die.
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Sword Art Online I
Sword Art Online, a virtual world harboring 10,000 players. However, this isn't just a game anymore. Not according to Kayaba Akihiko. You die virtually? Your real life body goes as well. Who will survive? Who will perish. It's all up to the players. Scavenge. Slay. Survive. Welcome to Sword Art Online.
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ALfheim Online
Welcome to the World of Fairies, Pick one of the 9 races and try to make it to the top of the World Tree.
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SAO 2: Tales of Hurio RP
Kept for the memories. Inactive.
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SAOAH - Gaslight Shadows
In a the dark waters of the Epsilon Archipelago, the setting of Gaslight Online, treachery is stirring. But in a world of espionage, deceit and trickery, it can become hard to tell what's the real threat, and what's just a game - Especially when a new weapon blurs the lines of Virtual Reality and your worst fears. Continuation of Sword Art Online - Another Hundred. (Second Arc, Non-Canon game)
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SAO: Dragon Realm Online
Dragon Realm Online or DRO is an action packed game that has everyone talking. But is it just a game? Find out as you battle your way through monsters and new challenges in an all new world.
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Sword Art Online
A fight for survival through skills of your weapons? Use Magic and tame pets to fight up against new enemies and reach the ultimate goal? Utilize an array of weaponry ranging from pistols to snipers to shoot opponents from a distance? Put on your Nerve Gear and join us! An endless adventure awaits you. Welcome to Sword Art Online
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Legend of Aincrad RP
Put on your boots, pick up your sword, and come on over to have some fun. Make an OC and battle through the floors of Aincrad to clear the game or just rp to your heart's content. Just one tip of advice though. Try not to die.
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SAO Fandom Nexus
In an effort to bring more potential authors, an area to create or expand upon SAO fanfiction. Post story ideas/requests here, or discuss existing stories.
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Gun Gale Online RP
Following the success of ALO, other VRMMORPGs began to rise with various amounts of success themselves. One seemed to gain the most popularity- Gun Gale Online. With the Bullet of Bullets tournament starting up, people began to flock to the game for fame and fortune... but something more sinister lies in the shadows of the game.
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Sword Art Online: The RP
Welcome to this particular Sword Art Online forum. Battle mobs, start friendships, and more!
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ソードアート・オンライン Roleplay
Come join this RP as your OC travels to the top of Aincrad and survives the death game which is SAO. Find adventure, love, battle, and strength within you you thought you never had. -OC Centric Main Cast-
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SAO: A different side: Remastered
Just like SAO: Another side, but with new functions! Check it out! And it's even made by the same person! (just a different account)
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Sword Art Online: Armageddon!
The world of SAO... how will you live, how will you survive?
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Sword Art Online: The Other Story
Basically the plot of Sword Art Online, except without Kirito and his friends. Who will be the main characters you ask? Anybody who joins will! (Sorry, I suck at summaries.)
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ALO: Tales from Aincrad
After Kirito brought the floating castle Aincrad to Alfheim, players from all over have come to try their luck at the 100 floors using their ALO avatars. Join us and we will ascend to the 100th floor.
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FunLifeDeath is this world of SAO
fight, love, lose, live in a virtual world to clear all 100 floors and escape a perfect virtual world
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Blade Arc Online
It has been several centuries since the suicide of Kayaba Akihiko, and his descendant, an equally impressive coder, has followed in instructions left by Kayaba to the point in order to restart the game. Now another group of players are fighting to get pass the one-hundred FIFTY floor tower. Can you escape?
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Sword Art Online: The Renewed Blade
A new roleplay for all you Sword Art Online lovers!
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SAO RP: Aincrad
Hello and Welcome to Sword Art Online. Your goal as players is to clear all 100 floors one by one and defeat the end game boss. Want to know more? then Login and "Link Start"
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Alfheim Online: Race to the Alfs
As Sugou Nobuyuki was promptly arrested and Ymir took over ALO, the company decided to officialy input a modified version of the ALF quest into the game, along with the addition of 100 floors to the World Tree instead of the giant Guardian Room. The ALF quest, originally impossible, is now a quest with a very difficult challenge, yet a very promising reward. Now, it's a race to the top of the World Tree... Which race will you choose, and who will you partner up with? (Mechanics and full ALF quest inside)
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Sword Art Online: EVOLUTION
We all know the story of Kirigaya Kazuto, otherwise known as Kirito. We all know the story of Sword Art Online. However, what would have happened if Kirito had never joined the beta-test or joined the official launch of SAO? Please, help us in our struggle against our virtual imprisonment!
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The World Seed: Sword Art Online Roleplay
You ending up in a place like this isn't just a coincidence, it is Fate- and it waits for no man. The first level has just been beaten- everyone knows the rules of the Game, and there is only two ways of escaping: By beating Sword Art Online, or immediate death by being unplugged or dying within the System. But, this MMO is much more than what it appears to be. Some may call it a prison. But, for others, it is a chance at experiencing love, consequences, and feeling in a foreign world. *OPEN 5/20/14!*
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SAO Eternal Memories
ACTIVE! - OC ONLY - Eternal Memories takes place in a timeline in which the original characters never existed. Are you up to the task of taking Kirito's place as savior of all of Sword Art Online?
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SAO's Roleplay
Entering SAO, it's found out that there's no way of escaping- that is; unless you can manage to clear 100 floors. Come here and increase your Roleplaying skill. It may help you along the way- somehow. **CLOSED**
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