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Tenchi Muyo:Endless Dreams
The Festivel is back, A dream can never die as long as you remember it, so let us not let Tenchi die, Chat, Fan-art links and vids with a rather nice amount of RP's and we will be having Tenchi crossovers too enjoy XD We have all things Tenchi series here from OVa,Universe,Tokyo,AI and the many spin off's come to the Carnival all! (OC's okay cannons mandatory)
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The Misaki Residence
Feel at home.
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Awesome Tenchi fics
This Forum can really be about anything Tenchi...but the main point of it is to talk about fics you've read and want to find again. And to hopefully get help finding said fics.
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Tenchi Pairings
A place to discuss Tenchi and his harem.
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Yuuenchi's Tenchi Muyo Fanfic Panel
Being a guide to Yueunchi's Tenchi Muyo Fanfics, where I can inform current, new, and potential readers about upcoming fics, and a place for readers to connect and publicly interact with me about the fics. Don't be shy, join in!
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The Jurain Empire, the most powerful empire?
As it appears on the internet it seems even Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC or any other lierature and anime are unable beat Jurai. Do you agree?
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Tenchi & Ayeka
Forum Tenchi & Ayeka fans.
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Washu's Lab
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Who can make the beast Tenchi Muyo story
It has to be up to 200 or 199 Chapters so get to work on it.
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tenchi muyo crossover
like it said
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Tenchi and Ryoko
Tenchi and Ryoko pairing forum! Who else loves this pairing as much as me?
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Should tenchi and ayeka be a couple? why or why no
Do tenchi and ayeka make a good couple? I personally think so but I want to hear what you think.
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Let's chat about Mihoshi :D
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Fudan Tenchi Muyo Forum
A place to discuss my fanfic, Fudan Tenchi Muyo!, I want to hear from you. Questions, comments, please let me know what you think.
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The Science of Tenchi
For all those who want to know the history, the science of Tenchi and jurai and for all those who want to explain it to those who want to know.
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Tenchi Muyo: Okuda Universe
Forum centralized on discussions around the characters and storylines of Hitoshi Okuda's manga series.
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The Greatest LOVE story
This are all the best LOVE stories that I believe kick butt! Now this are all TENCHIxRYOKO pairings, so if you don't like them... please go somewhere else. If you would like to suggest a story, please e-mail me
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The Orignial character nomination
Nominate your Tenchi story with your main orignal character in this challenge.
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Obscure The RyokoAyeka Pairing
A pairing I myself personally enjoy. Share your thoughts, flames, etc. about the reserved, but fiery princess, and the out of control demon from space.
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Questions about Tenchi Muyo
Got any nagging unanswered questions? Know something about Tenchi Muyo that others don't? Post them here!
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Ryoko Ayeka
This is a Forum about These two together or as friends. Discuss your reason for liking this couple or friendship.
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Making my first Tenchi Muyo story
I am going to be making my first Tenchi Muyo story and it will NOT be about Tenchi and Ryoko being a couple. My story will be about a whole new person named Mizuko who is apart of the Juraian Royal family. My character will not have a relationship with Te
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