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Toaru Rp
An active RP for the Toaru series.
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To Aru Majutsu no Index Roleplay!
RP here in the world of Toaru. Anything else to say?
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Index x Railgun - Academy City Chronicles
Come and experience Academy City, a place where science and magic collide.
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TAMNI Roleplay
To Aru Majutsu no Index roleplay forum.
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Academy City
In Academy City many things are happening at once. Are you an esper or no?
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A Certain Wide World
We've already seen science and magic, but TaMnI seems to offer a lot more crossover possibilities. Please share your ideas.
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A Certain Magical Snowflake
"The World of Today" is the theme of the Academy City World's Fair, the largest and most publicized since 1939. The entire world has its eyes on the most advanced country in the world. There is no doubt of course that certain parts of the city don't exactly want to be seen.
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A Certain Fantastic Story
A place for us to bring our OCs and create fantastic stories with them, sometimes with canon characters, sometimes on their own, as they deal with everything from the Dark Side of Academy City to the various Churches, and other groups as well. Or when they just have random nonsense going on. Beach and Hot Springs Episodes included.
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To Aru Series Fanfiction Spot
All fanfiction things you would like to discuss... feel free to do it here... this is free for all
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The Parameter List
Discuss the characters and events of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun here. Original characters and interpretations are also welcome!
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Forum RPG FR- To Aru Majutsu no Index
Vous aimez To aru Majutsu no Index? Vous voulez un forum où vous jouerai un personnage? Vos fantasmes entre Accelerator et Misaka Misaka ne sont pas assouvit malgré la foule d'image sur ce couple? Ou alors, l'âme yaoiste que vous êtes cherche à faire ressortir un couple dans ce monde de petites filles mignonnes? Rejoignez-nous!
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Kamijou Faction Poll(s)
Vote about options I give about my Fanfiction, "Kamijou Faction"
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a certain unlucky boy
Touma, our favorite boy, this is a general form, so feel free to talk about anything A Certain Magical Index related.
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Academy City(Defenders) vs Talion's Army (Shadow of War)
Academy City is attacked by Talion's Army from Shadow of War. With all available resources in Academy City committed to trying to stop this army from another dimension from conquering their city, can they succeed or not?
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