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Tokyo Ghoul: Next Genesis
The tales of monsters roaming the streets at night of Tokyo are true, and now the world knows it as ghouls arise around the world. Pick a side or simply try to survive as the world itself goes into a not-so-civil war with beings with human faces and hearts, but monstrous appetites.
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Kyoto Ghoul
*Set one year after the Tokyo Ghoul Timeskip* We have seen the events of Tokyo unfold. However Tokyo is not the only city to be plagued by ghouls. In another part of Japan, the city of Kyoto has another tragic tale. *Forum rated M for mature content*
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Tokyo Ghoul: Ultimate
A collaborative project taking the best a TG forum can offer, and putting it all in one place.
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OC Asylum
Hey y'all, this is a safe and secure place where OC writers and creators are free to come together to discuss our ideas for both characters and stories. With this forum I'm hoping to create a kind, peaceful environment free of condesation and cruelty. I do hope you tortured souls can find sanctuary here After all, it's dangerous to go alone.
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Tokyo Ghoul: Danse Macabre
On the streets of Tokyo, there is a war. The Ghouls and CCG's year long war has only gotten more intense. We all know the story, however, who's to say that's the only story to tell of the bloody maneaters and the brave inspectors? What if, we were to...Change, the story? Well, it's your story now. Tell me, is it a Tragedy or a Horror story? (AU. Warning: Rated M for language, violence, and some disturbing content.)
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Tokyo Ghoul: The Akatsuki
The Akatsuki, a new syndicate of ghouls on the rise in the city of Tokyo. Their goal: Building the road to co-existence between ghouls and humans. Something that they want to achieve very much and by any means necessary... even if it needs to end in blood... (But despite their good intentions, the CCG and members of other ghoul organizations are still against them, creating the battlefield you see before you...) [M-rated for violence, language and disturbing content]
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Tokyo Ghoul: Revolution -CLOSED-
A RolePlay Forum based on the Anime/Manga series Tokyo ghoul.
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Tokyo Ghoul Re: The Next Gen
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Tokyo Ghoul:The City of Osaka
In Osaka, a one of the largest cities in Japan located in the Kansai region, mysterious humanoid creatures that devour human flesh called 'ghouls' roam around the streets of the city, virtually indistinguishable from regular humans. The Commission of Counter Ghouls, or the CCG, maintain a dangerous presence here in Osaka, with high ranking investigators being lobbied to contain the rising population of ghouls here in Japan. Conflict has become inevitable, but which side will you choose?
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Anteiku: la cafetería para fans de Tokyo Ghoul
Humanos y ghouls de FanFiction. Bienvenidos a la cafetería Anteiku, un lugar para ocultarse, convivir y debatir de ciertos temas bebiendo una humeante taza de café caliente.
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Tokyo Ghoul Rp
The CCG is now dealing with Agori Tree as well as various other Ghoul organizations. The Ghouls are forming these to combat the Commission of Counter Ghoul ( CCG ). Chose a side in this way.
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Tokyo Ghoul: New Age
A new generation of Ghouls has formed in Tokyo, and equally interesting doves has been deployed to battle them, the time to choose whether to fight or watch is almost near...what will you do?
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Tokyo Ghoul: Kyoto Saga
Check out the forum to get more info
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Tokyo Ghoul Root Z
I'll think of a cooler bio later :P (Private RP for those already in it)
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Tokyo Ghoul: Odyssey (Open, ACTIVE, Recruiting)
Enjoy an action packed roleplay, centered around my all time favorite anime Tokyo Ghoul! Delve into the world of the ghouls or the CCG, or find yourself starting off as a hapless human caught in the fray; this entire story is ours for the writing, with no current plot set in stone. Step into the gritty reality, maddening pain, and kill or be killed situations that have become day to day in Tokyo!
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Open Tokyo Ghoul RP
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Tokyo Ghoul: The Wicked Beautiful Creatures
You're princess have return as a badass, hello! Dive in my Tokyo Ghoul forum some gore, romance and drama! ( Rated Mature )
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Tokyo Ghoul: New Story
Japan seems to be plagued with monsters that can only eat human flesh, only a few brave humans have the courage to fight them. Which side will you choose? Human or Ghoul?
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TG Discussion, Speculations, Theories
A forum to discuss anything about Tokyo Ghoul [characters, scenes, speculations, theories, possible happenings]. This is not going to be spoiler-free. Three parts to discussion: Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul:re (sequel), Tokyo Ghoul Anime
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Trials of the Kaneki family discussion and ideas for ending and sequel
I am putting this up here as reviews doesn't really let you post more than once per chapter. I had this idea that here you guys can talk with me and each other. Also I can answer some questions you have that may or may not come up in the story such as stuff about the larger ghoul world. I will also tell you that I don't have a concrete narrative for the sequel so any ideas for what you'd like to see will be taken into consideration or change in characters fates by the re timeline.
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Tokyo Ghoul ROLEPLAY
This is a RP for Tokyo Ghoul fans! You can be any character you want or you can be a OC. Know that if you want to be a character from the manga or anime, you have to PM me! And you have to obey the rules I set out.
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Tokyo GhoulTokyo Ghoul: RE Prompts
A forum for writers prompts and story suggestions.
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Multiversal RPG OC
There is no soil more fertile than Tokyo Ghoul. I like multidimensional fanfiction. Alternate realities give me a thrill. Therefore I want this forum to discuss them and their originality
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A Ghoul and A Titan
It all started between the fight of Kaneki and Amon, fighting along with their quinque and kagune. As the fight goes on, a black hole suddenly appear between the two, sucking them both in the dark abyss as they both drift off to a dreamless sleep. Opening their eyes, they found themselves in front of a huge giant, smiling at them intently. Where are they? Welcome to the outside of the walls. Yellow! Shimigitsu here this is one of my crossover books and hey check out its true post on wattpad
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Broken Glass
When Ken Kaneki, died on that day, by the hands of the CCG's Reaper, Arima, the world moved on, but after that day, Kaneki, never knew, that he would get another chance in life, but still has his past haunting him, in this world, will the people here, look at him as a monster like his past, like the grimm creatures there, or a hero? Who knows for sure, but we'll find out shall we?
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