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An open forum for TRIGUN, reviews of FFs, Role Play and more!
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What Would YOU Do? Trigun RP
A Trigun RP of different sorts, Its a whole new kind of adventure! An explanation is inside...but will you take the dive? Very light hearted, and any fan of Trigun is welcome! :3
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Trigun — Need a Review?
Hello you! Yes...I do mean YOU. Do you have a Trigun fic that needs a review? An unformed idea just waiting to come out? Drop on in! You're always welcome.
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Trigun: Crossovers and Yaoi
Know any really good Trigun yaoi? Any good crossovers? Share! No bashers, all else welcome.
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The Mayfly
Made for VXM fans! I love the couple...and I mustn't be the only one... express why they're great and why it is so interesting. WXM welcome too
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Helloo. This here location if for all you Trigun fans out there. Put on your red coat and sunglasses and bring on the goofiness!
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Post your xanga or myspace name here! If you don't have one...get one! XD
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The Portable Confessional
For all of you who love the gun carrying, chain smoking, motorcycle riding priest in black. Please come in for all things Wolfwood.
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This Planet is Big Enough for the Two of Us RPG
Robots and cyborgs are being hunted down like criminals but one decides to fight back and make humanity see that technology and the human race can live together as equals.
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The Silver Screen
Is there a Trigun movie in the works? Can it exist? I know: it sounds like a tabloid ad about Bigfoot, right? This, and other mysteries inside!
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Would you like to go to Gunsmoke?
If you had a chance to go to the planet where Trigun takes place would you go? Why? Why not?
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Blooms in the Drift Fic Club Forum
Discuss the fic of the week or previous fics of the week here.
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Trigun crossover
Hello! I'm writing and posting my first fanfiction. It is a TrigunBuffy the vampire slayer xover and takes place on the Gunsmoke. I would really like it, if you checked the story out and reviewed. It is placed at Misc: BTVS xovers for now.Ciao
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The bar showdown
In an attempt to see how good some of the "Role-players" on this site are, I'm giving out a challenge to see who has the stuff to roll with me. Enjoy.
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