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Of the Church and the Undead
This is a forum where you can talk about your favorite characters of the series, the series itself, put up some challenge writing threads, create rpgs, and so on.
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Trinity Ship: Ion x Esther x Abel Forums
Are you a fan of Ion x Esther? Or do you think Abel x Esther is better? Do you have a fanfic to recommend? Talk about it here. Flamers not welcome!
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Trinity Blood love anywhere?
I know most the people in the show are nuns or fathers, but will there be any romance?
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Abomination: Misfits of Trinity Blood
The companion forum to the C2 community of Abomination. If you don't like OC fanfictions, then don't come in here. this is a haven for everything that's out-of-the-box.
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The Rosen∴Kreuz∴Orden
Writer's block? Need plot help? Character help? Development? ] Discuss and help each other on how to improve the Trinity Blood fandom
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Trinity Media: Novel, Manga, Anime
Dedicated to discussion of the various forms of Trinity Blood! All chat welcomed!
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Trinity Blood, the new Cycle
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Trinity Blood
Crusniks are great
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Trinity Blood Non Yaoi
Come talk about your favorite Terrans, Methuselah's, AX members, or any other characters from Trinity Blood. Only Major Rules are: Be nice, No flaming people or characters, and NO YAOI! Other than that have fun!
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Discuss the Ibelis Arc
I have just come to learn that the Ibelis was a very powerful weapon that created destructive storms. However, though the Cartago arc on TV was named the Ibelis, the Ibelis was never featured on TV. I wished GONZO had stayed faithful to the book.
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Trinity Blood disscussion
Anything about Trinity Blood can be said here. If things get to out of control, I'll add rules later. Just don't start trolling and we shouldn't have a problem.
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Tres X Esther
Anything having to do with this odd couple...story suggestions and ideas, randomosity, floating thoughts, rants, raves, hearts, and LOVE! ANYTHING to do with TresIqusXEstherBlanchet PAIRING!
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A Lesson in World History
A forum to discuss the numerous historical references and symbolism present in Trinity Blood, which may or may not be useful when writing.
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Trinity Blood
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