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Everything Tsubasa!
The title says it all! If it has to do anything about Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: anime, stories, manga information, just post it here and have fun! XD
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Tsubasa Chronicle Grand Adventure Roleplay
Travel across the multiverse with your friends at your side. The only catch: you must give up something of equal value to the dimensional witch Yuko. Are you brave enough?
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The Ninja and the Wizard
A forum to discuss the pairing of KuroFai :3
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Tomoyo and her protector
Finally! A forum for the TomoyoKurogane shippers out there! I'm mostly SxS but I love this pair too and I think they need more representation out there!
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Tsubasa for the Dilettant
A forum for random questions and discussions, some serious, some joking. I am of the belief people need more humor. Pairings, theories, and suggestions to important things like what food goes best with what chapter, all welcome.
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Wizard and Princess, Together 4ever?
This forum is for the pairing FaixSakura. If you don't like this pairing, I guess this forum isn't for you. Anyone is welcome.
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Chisis's Challenges
Challenges and discussions. See what I come up with.
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Tsubasa Romance: Syaoran and Sakura
Anything about Tsubasa Chronicle and the main couple Syaoran and Sakura!
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A może forum?
Nie mamy w naszym małym fandomiku forum. A może warto? Spróbujemy?
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Tsubasa Vampires RP
A place to chat and RP with the vampire twins. Oc are welcome!
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¿como acabará todo esto de las plumas?
Cual será el final de tsubasa? cual quieren que sea?Opina aqui!
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My Tsubasa Forum!
You can talk about anything that has to do with Tsubasa! Have fun, anyone is welcome and I have a few rules.
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What Happened to Hail Valley by collettewillows?
Does anyone know what happened to the fanfiction Hail Valley? Why was it took down?
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 3 - Since: 02-24-13 - Admin: TakaraSakura
I hereby dare everyone who has read this to write 20 fanfics or draw 20 pictures about CLAMP couples and all of them have to contain a kiss. Yeah. You know you want to, because although we all have time to do better things than write about CLAMP's many co
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 1 - Since: 03-08-11 - Admin: Luddles
The Crossover Search
DelRey Manga editors obviously haven't caught all the little things we longtime CLAMP lovers notice. Zagato's sword, for example? Anyway, share what you've noticed, and look for what others have seen...have fun!
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 0 - Since: 03-14-06 - Admin: Seeky L. H. Wolf
Chronicles of Sakura and the Tsubasa
Just want to chat about Sakurahime? Want to chat to other Tsubasa fans? Want to know whether English versions are coming out? Look no further!
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PLOT BUNNIES For adoptions!
Do you feel like writing? But you have no good ideas? Or you have to many ideas and don't feel like writing? Look no further adopt or get rid of you plot bunnies!
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Tsubasa fan buzz
Dicuss anything about Tsubasa! From anime,comics, plot, just anything.
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Tsubasa Rservoir Chronicle: Collide
The TRC fanfic, Collide, Forum! Here you may discuss the newest chapters and possible outcomes of the story. Share your theories, ask questions and be polite!
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Darkness fanfic forum
here you can discuss all the things about this fic I am writting.
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 0 - Since: 04-13-07 - Admin: Chibi Fye
I'm am an absolute CLAMP fan, and does anyone mind sharing what they know? What they read? I'm serious, TRC got me hooked to them, they're my idols!
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Do You Love Tsubasa Chronicle?
This is for all the Tsuabasa lovers out there!
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Liquid Evolution The Growth of the Characters
A place to come and admire your favorite characters in Tsubasa Chronicle. They all grow and evolve so much in the series, it's a pity not to recognize them for that. Discuss their strengths, weaknesses, what you like, what you admire.
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The Crossovers Tsubasa Chronicle Version
CLAMP works are really complicated, and some of them are rarely discussed so have any opinions about the show? Let's talk about them.
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petit concours de fanfiction sur les mokonas !
petit concours de fanfiction sur Mokona, venez donc voir ! il est très drôle ! et surtout, c'est si mimi ces boulles de poils, vous trouvez pas ?
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