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Uta No Prince Sama Maji 1000 RP
This is where we go through the span of the 13 amazing episodes, and extra events if we would like. Pick a Canon Character or make an OC and choose who you want to be, a singer or a songwriter.
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anime fans talking
a forums about uta no prince-sama fans :D
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Uta no prince sama rp
This is an rp for all
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El Príncipe de la Canción
Pasá, pasá y divertite con otras locas fans de Utapri como vos.
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Starish Haters
My friend has a brother who HATES Starish! It's so unbelievable! We need support and help so please help! Cause were in an SOS situation!
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Uta No Prince Sama RP
Come, have fun and roleplay!
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My dark past
What if the haruka nanami they thought they knew was a lie. One day haruka is reunited with her childhood friends. Haruka and her friends have a secret that they share with only each other. How would they react when they saw her true self and found out what her secret was. Are they going to leave her or are they going to stay by her side. Is Haruka going to fall in love with one o
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Hotel of Asylum
Things started to become weird and unnatural ever since we stepped into this hotel. I couldn't help but worry, specially over my senior. He has been acting weird, and it seems he knows something which we don't. Mostly in Syo's point of view, but I'll notify if it's changes. Slightly Syo x Ai. Trigger warning: Very bad and kind of insane/gross things happens, so the story is rated M for a good reason!
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guardian angel
this is about a new idol group "guardian angel" and their composer yuzuki so will quartet night and starish get along with guardian angel I hope u will read it
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