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Utena War of Roses:Rose Garden Revalution
six months have passed and Akio is dead,as Utena enrolls at a new school in a new country she is thrown again into the duels and must put together a team to put a stop to End of the world for good. OC's welcome, cannons mandatory based on Utena War of Roses Fanfic.
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Outside the Norm
Feel free to talk about any relationships you think the characters have with each other.
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Cracking the World's Shell: Utena Discussion
A forum for all discussion of the stunningly elegant and complex universes [manga, anime, movie] of Revolutionary Girl Utena.
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Sentaku to Unmei: Utena Forever and Beyond
Speak up about Utena Forever and it's upcoming sequels!
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Utena, Revolutionary Girl RolePlay
Pick a character or make up your own. And if anyone doesn't know what roleplaying is, just ask.
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revolutionary girl Utena couples
talk about ur fav couples
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