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Vandread: Imperium Terrae
Two months after the victory over the harvest fleet, the celebrations are still going on, with increasing communication between Taraak and Mejere. Aboard the Nirvana, the systems start to go crazy, as a message from the realm of the dead reaches the crew. Earth... seeks vengeance. Hope can only be found in form of the misterious battlestar "Shadow Striker", so the message. Will Earth succeed, or will the alliance of the colonies manage to turn the tides?
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The Vanguard, Bangata, and Dread Hanger
Even though this Fanfiction section seems dead, Vandread is just too good of an anime not to have a forum. Also boasts the title of the first forum here.
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massive crossover
hi to all vandread fans here will be bast crossover ideas
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Fan Fic discussion area
Talk about your favourites, your least favourite and even throw out lines for help or ideas if you need them. Enjoy.
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VanDread: Crimson Tears (Sequel)
Author's notes and discussions on my continuation of Soulimpared's Crimson Tears :REBOOT:
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