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Creative Couples Or Back to Basics?
Ever sat there and gone Why do they support that bizarre pairing? while flipping through the Weiss boards? Well, me too! So come tell us what you love about your favorite pairing and enlighten us!
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Weiss Kreuz Angst vs Humor
There are different genres that the Weiss stories cover. Which genres do you prefer? Isn't it relieving to see the guys laugh sometimes instead of having them suffer all the time? Or do you prefer a more serious take on the life of our beloved assassins?
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Ran and Ken
This is a forum for the people that love the pairing of RanAya and Ken...like me! O.O
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The KenxOmi Forum
For the lots of people who like the most famous and cutest couple from Weiss Kreuz XD
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Weiss Kreuz Plot Bunny Adoption Agency
This is a place where people can post plot bunnies for others to adopt! Basically, you have an idea for a story but not the time or skill to write it, so you post it for adoption and someone else might do it for you! So please post and peruse!
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Um...Yeah? I wrote this cuz My evil plot bumble bee forces me to and I did enjoy writing it though. So plz read, review, and enjoy or I'll send my evil polt bumble bee after you and have it sting you to death! Mwhahahah!
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Would you like analysis with those fries?
Everyone's got their own view of what motivates a character, but those views rarely get seen. Please come and share your personal fannon of one or all of the characters we love so dearly.
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What you want to update
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