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Witch hunter Robin Rp
Fifty years after the destruction of the Orbo factory Solomon is back on its feet and using Orbo again to hunt down witches. Which side will you join? Will you join Solomon and hunt down witches or will you be a witch trying to escape the far reaching grasp of Solomon?
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The Witch's Santuary
Forum dedicated entirely to our little Robin and Amon. Ask, we got answers.
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Ciao, people! A WHR forum, nonetheless...something to perk things up a bit. You know... to get the WHR fans together and stuff. Anything would be welcomed, providing you adhere with the rules...even debates will be welcomed, so, come one, come all!
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Witch Hunter HQ
This is the forum where your thoughts, ideas, and information on the all time favorite Witch Hunter Robin, anime series can be freely posted. Profanity or abuse of this subject is profoundly denied, so please try to detain from this problem.
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What's With Amon?
This is where people say their opinions about Amon.
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Can anybody tell me anything about Bana?
I'm desperate to find any information about Bana, the singer who performs Shell and Half Pain.
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new season
i always hoping that new episodes of witch hunter robin will come...because i was really, totally and ultimately not satisfied on the way it ends...i new for sure that everybody demanded for the new season of my fave anime...
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