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Wolf Haven RP
Two half-brothers each control a pack. A decade after Kiba's pack died, the world was reborn. Fifteen years have passed since the last flower maiden Hanna roamed the earth, the four packs of the earth failing to open paradise. Now it comes down to two packs. Which pack will find the flower maiden and open paradise? Which pack will rise to greatness and which will fall into misery? Join a pack, search for the flower and battle obstacles in the quest to become the bringers of salvation!
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Paradise continues
Wolf's rain RP you can make an OC and go on adventers, while you and the pack search for paradise!
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Wolf's Rain RP
Wolves have been exctint for over two hundred years. At least, in the humans' eyes. To humans, wolves don't exist. To some humans, they are vicious devils casting a spell to make them believe that wolves don't exist. Play a wolf or a human, or even a Noble here.
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Fight For Survival
There are four packs, The Druids, The Sloughs, Loners, and the newly formed Rebellion. All of which are trying to survive with the Humans taking their food and the Loners mistreating them; join the fight for survival, protecting the territories from the humans and loner wolves in this life-like RP. And the greatest threat of all, Anubis. Are you ready to fight?
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After Paradise
What happened after the wolves found Paradise? A roleplay that's set after the series ended. Original characters are welcome, as are canon characters
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Wolf's Rain RP
This RP is set during the time the main pack Kiba, Toboe, Tsume, and Hige were looking for paradise, but what if they failed? What if it were up to a different pack to find the mysterious Paradise? Do you chose to join them, or be against them?
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Wolf's Rain RolePlay !
An RP based on the Manga \ Anime 'Wolf's Rain'. Discuss the Anime and such with other fans and join a roleplay! OC'S are welcome! .
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Nevermore: A Wolf RP
Only for me and StarLight96. No others allowed.
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Wolf's Rain Rp
Create your own OC and enjoy the search for paradise! I'll give this a try again and see if it works, everyone is free to join
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Wolf's Rain RP :Create your own Character
Join and Create your own Character to RP ! P.S: I got this from a forum that i join! And sorry but not good with summary !
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the journey continues
you can create your character and go on a adventure
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RP: The SnowFall
Make your own character and play in this wanderful roleplay. First post gets to pick where we start
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Wolfs Rain
This is a Wolfs rain rpg Create your own character or use the original cast so just enjoy
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Howl At The Moon
Hey, all lone wolves out there! Come join the Pack of Paradise, where we hunt, train, or just relax. Howling at the moon is one of our favorite pastimes, and new members are always welcome! Get approved to join our pack, and you're set! Welcome to the family!
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Wolf's Rain Rp
Pretty much just a simple roleplaying thing
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Wolf's Rain RPG
This is a forum about Wolf's Rain's past, present, and future. Come make you're wolf/wolves and have fun! P.s. Not too good at summaries. Sorry.
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Wolf Cloud Nine
Paradise has been found...but at the severe cost...of almost every person dying. Struggling to survive...be human trying to survive or be the dominating species for once.
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kiba's pack RP
join this RP on the next pack journy to paradise add your own OC or RP as one of the characters! have fun there is no rateings and you can have any parrings! create the next world of wolf's rain!
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Wolf's Gate: Across Paradise
Post series RPG Kiba and the rest rejoin forces and journey acrossed Paradise to find Cheza. Please read Posting Rules and Legends of Paradise
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wolf's rain rpg
a wolf's rain rpg with oc's only
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The Travel to Paradise
Wolve's have long been in search of the legendary 'Paradise' where they can live in peace and prosperity. But as the few wolves left in the world begin to vanish or die mysteriously, the quest for the legend has become ever more urgent. Can wolves unite a
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Wolf's Rain Rp
Start a pack here to try to find paradise!
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Whispering Moon
Whispering Moon is a new Wolf's Rain roleplay. This forum is all about wolves in the world of Wolf's Rain. Plots will be made when more people join.
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To Paradise
Wolf's Rain roleplay. New era sorta. OCs encouraged. Take any charater you want.
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Wolfs Rain Roleplay!
Here's a place to let loose your wild writers side in this anime universe! Create a character ranging from human and animal, to flower maiden and nobles. Not feeling up to creating an origional OC? Then take the reigns of one of the Cannons! First come first serve here, so hurry before the slots are all filled!
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