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Wolf Haven RP
Two half-brothers each control a pack. A decade after Kiba's pack died, the world was reborn. Fifteen years have passed since the last flower maiden Hanna roamed the earth, the four packs of the earth failing to open paradise. Now it comes down to two packs. Which pack will find the flower maiden and open paradise? Which pack will rise to greatness and which will fall into misery? Join a pack, search for the flower and battle obstacles in the quest to become the bringers of salvation!
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Wolf's Rain RP
Wolves have been exctint for over two hundred years. At least, in the humans' eyes. To humans, wolves don't exist. To some humans, they are vicious devils casting a spell to make them believe that wolves don't exist. Play a wolf or a human, or even a Noble here.
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the journey continues
you can create your character and go on a adventure
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Best of Wolf's Rain
Here you can create your own wolf/human. You can chat about the series and what characters you like or dislike.
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Wolf's Rain's New Generation RPG
Welcome to my RPG. Ever wonder what it's like to be a wolf or another animal? Well here ya chance ! Come and join our pack and continue the adventure to paradise! :-)
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wolf kingdom
In this world wolves have over run the world humans are becoming extinct and wolves are the cause can Kiba and his pack stop this senseless war of is has got himself suck in something much bigger!
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