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New forum for topics concerning The World God Only Knows, including manga, anime and novels. All writers and readers are encouraged to contribute. Let us liven up this fandom! Just be sure to read (and apply) the forum rules topic before posting anything. Notice: if you can't create a new topic, then try re-clicking the button and refreshing the page. It took me a minute to be able to post. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me (Xellos540) a Private Message!
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The World Writers Only Know
Are you a TWGOK fan? Join us and let's talk about The World God Only Knows!
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The RP God Only Knows
I'm surprised one of these hasn't popped up. It will take place before all of the goddess stuff started to avoid making things confusing.
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PFP Help Forums
Discuss your favorite characters, pairings, story arc and so on.
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I noticed that there was once an RP for Kaminomi, but it hasn't been update since 2013. I decided to start a new one, so why not?
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