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The Celestia vs The World: The Forum
The Forum for The Celestia vs The World. No longer accepting Mainstream OCs as of April First, 2012. But stick around! Chatting, Role-Playing and even Custom Card making is available. Why leave empty handed, right?
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The YuGiOh Forum of Randomness!
Proabably the most random forum in Yugioh history. Come chat, make cards, and RP as an OC!
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A new generation of duelists RPG
After the Dark Signers and Infinity Trio are defeated, what happens to the main characters? Well they lived normal lives, and now its time for their children to take the plate. Especially with danger around every corner, can the kids save the world? Or wi
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Who We Are (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's RP)
Duel gangs are who rule the streets of the Satellite. Come claim your territory and fight to keep it, because life is tough here. In Neo Domino City, things are darker than they seem with psychic duelists and street duelists. Takes place before events of season 1. *Private RP* Not accepting new members! Amazing image drawn by HeartedJ!
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YuGiOh!: Light Up the Night, a 5D's RP
Many years have passed since the days of the Signers. Despite their best efforts in the past, corruption has once again encompassed the cities. A power hungry tyrant is controlling Satelite and Neo Domino City. But one Duel Gang will change all that.
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YuGiOh 5D's RP
This is where you can just come, duel with your real cards and such :P If you don't like dueling, then you can progress the storyline! Either way, you will have a role ! OC's only, no Canon. Canon Cards Allowed The Five Dragons, Earthbound Immortals, etc.
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Team Satisfaction: Rebirth YuGiOh 5Ds RP
It has been years since the establishment of Satisfaction Town with their protector, Kiryu, watching over it. However, now the town has been overtaken by a mysterious organization. Now it's up to a new generation of Team Satisfaction to take it back.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: The Domino Brigade
Time has passed since Neo Domino City and the Satellite have been joined as one. The barriers that once separated the people have slowly disappeared, and the next generation of duelists are now just realizing their own potential. Strange things are happening though, and it won't take long for the city to fall under corruption once more. Other towns and cities are also having their own problems! *Private RP* Join by invite only! Amazing image drawn by HeartedJ!
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Duel Academy
Come one, come all! The current Turbo Duel King and Head Signer Fudo Yusei has opened Duel Academy, which is located on an island off of Neo Domino and Satellite. Enroll for the chance to be taught by the Signers and maybe, just maybe, duel against the King himself. Anyone and everyone is welcome. (Cannons and OCs welcome)
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Duelist Central
Welcome to Duelist Central, a place where duelists from all over the world to duel with some of the best. Shortly off the coast of Neo Arcadia, the neighboring city of New Domino. Hosted by the Master of Games, hundreds of pro duelists have been invited to participate in the tournaments and events with all expenses paid. Welcome to Duelist Central.
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The next gen RPG OC welcome
It's been hundreds years since Yusai and the others had there signers marks. Now it's time for a new group of dulest to bear the mark. But just as the signer marks are back so are the dark signers and this time...they have no problem destorying the singer
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Path of The Wolf: The Advanced Force
This is for planning of making a Path of the Wolf's movie fic. Any help would be appreciated and I will also gives out the credits to those who are helping out as well.
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Virtual World Main Server
A forum dedicated to improving the art of "RP Dueling" - a precariously balanced art only a few members have mastered. Come chat, have fun, whatever; veterans and fresh meat both accepted. We do request that you remain humble however - this a forum for al
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It Was the best of Yugioh 5Ds forums, it was The w
To all who wanna rp here: Come, make an OC, take a canon, have fun! To all who don't wanna rp here: Come, chat, help people with characters, help with plot ideas, everything is helpful. BTW the full name of this forum is it wat the best of yugioh 5Ds for
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Pairings Nobody Likes
Hey you know that ship you like that nobody else does, be it disturbing, cracky or perfectly reasonable. There is a-nobody-ship list and a pairing a week. A poster gets to pick a pairing they like (unpopular) and then all posters, including the original one, write a story dedicated to it. PM me if you are interested because I will reply. Enjoy your ships!
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Guardians of Dueling
The forum for my story Guardians of Dueling. Ask us (the owners of the Guardians) questions. Ask me questions. Give ideas. Hell, make an RP, if ya want. Well...maybe not.
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Synchro Acceleration 5D's
Anything about Yu Gi Oh 5D's is OK with me!
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Dueling Time
I'm trying to set up an Rp where people can duel with there actual Yu-Gi-Oh decks. Oh and some banned cards and restricted cards may appear, but there is nothing that I'm going to do about it as long as they are played right.
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 135 - Since: 11-02-09 - Admin: Shazzar
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Intertwining Destinies
When beings known as Dark Signers start to appear in the Satellite after the Fortune Cup, can our reluctant and confused heroes known as Signers use their ancient gifted powers to save the world? With shadow duels, life-death situations, and potential pain ahead, what is in store for these gifted duelists? -OC Centric, Serious/Intermediate RPers wanted-
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5D's Chat
Come and discuss whatever you please, as long as it involves Yu-Gi-Oh! Everything and everyone is welcome!
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Yu-Gi-Oh! V-Busters: Forum
Here is the forum focused on my fanfic V-Busters. Here you can discuss your characters, talk to fellow authors who submitted OCs, and make suggestions.
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General Discussion
Looking for a place to discuss the sub? Or maybe somewhere to talk about the dub? You can do both here! Also, recommend fanfiction, discuss pairings, wonder about the future, you name it! Everything is welcome!
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YuGiOh 5D's: The Fifth Signer Dragon
What do you think is the identity of the 5th Signer Dragon? What name do you think this dragon has/had? Who do you believe should control this dragon? If the 5th Dragon was a real card, what would its stats and effect be? All that and more here!
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 40 - Since: 06-12-09 - Admin: Neon Majestic
Jewels of Love
Stories based on any kind of love (romance, friendly, family, etc.) and anything else you want. Just pick your characters and their gems and let your imagination to create a beautiful collection.
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Foro de Yusei
Aqui esta el foro para hablar de Yusei, por Favor participen...
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