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Who We Are (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's RP)
Duel gangs are who rule the streets of the Satellite. Come claim your territory and fight to keep it, because life is tough here. In Neo Domino City, things are darker than they seem with psychic duelists and street duelists. Takes place before events of season 1. *Private RP* Not accepting new members! Amazing image drawn by HeartedJ!
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Duel Academy
Come one, come all! The current Turbo Duel King and Head Signer Fudo Yusei has opened Duel Academy, which is located on an island off of Neo Domino and Satellite. Enroll for the chance to be taught by the Signers and maybe, just maybe, duel against the King himself. Anyone and everyone is welcome. (Cannons and OCs welcome)
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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Intertwining Destinies
When beings known as Dark Signers start to appear in the Satellite after the Fortune Cup, can our reluctant and confused heroes known as Signers use their ancient gifted powers to save the world? With shadow duels, life-death situations, and potential pain ahead, what is in store for these gifted duelists? -OC Centric, Serious/Intermediate RPers wanted-
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YuGiOh! Light Speed!
In a world, where peace has remained long. Yliaster arises once more with a new dark leader, And with every Yin there's A Yang, And Good Rises with it! It all falls, to the hands... of heroes.
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