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Yugioh Arc-V Bringer of Legends and Duels
Academia and the Dark Signers have returned but a new evil invades Domino City, Maiami City, Heartland City, every dimension is at war. LDS and the Lancers need your help, be the new generation of duelists and champions with your duel spirits to save their realm as well. Use the power of Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, XYZ and Pendulum cards to combat this wicked rebirth or use your deck for rebellion and destruction. (DM, GX, 5d's, Zexal, and Arc-V unite!)
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Arc-V: Bonds With the Spirits
The barrier with the Spirit World has been crumbling, and more and more monsters have been appearing on Earth. Bond with your favorite monsters, and fight alongside them as you fight for what you believe in.
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Yugioh Arc V: Maximum Crisis
Long ago the 4 dimensions Standard, Fusion, Synchro and Xyz lived in harmony. Everything changed when the cult of Zarc attacked. The pieces of Z-arc have once again spread across the dimensional plane and the bracelets filled with the powers of nature have been passed down. Now rise to oppose the new threat or bring chaos and despair under the Supreme King.
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Yugioh Arc V: Rebellion
A city called Corias has been a city of corruption and tyranny for over 200 years, with the rich having complete control over the poor. It is up to a group of rebels who call themselves the Insurgence to free their home from this tyrannical government and bring liberty and justice to the city. Who's side will you belong to?
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Hell's Bells
Unbeknownst to man, the shadows dance between the realm of the living and the 'other side', inviting them into a stage. Thus, nobody had truly expected that their fate would be gambled through the game of Duel Monsters…
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Arc-V Next: Crossover Souls
Post Arc-V. Legacies. Often regarded has following the footsteps of their predecessors and those before them. The new generation is no different in that matter. The 4 dimensions may be at peace but there is always something lurking behind the curtain. RP here.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V Star Dueling Academy
Welcome to the top dueling academy in the world, Star Dueling Academy, School Across the Stars! This school takes place on Earth. But, this school has one secret; the school is made of people from the Duel Spirit Realm! Play as your favorite duel monster and have fun as you make new friends and meet new rivals! Please read all the files so you know what to do!
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Grudge of Tragoedia (and other RPs)
An RP thread that focuses primarily on one RP, but may include other various RPs as seen fit by Forestfleet. Other participants can talk about RP-related things and even possibly create their own RPs in this thread.
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Daitokuji Duel Academy
A roleplaying forum for a Duel Monsters Academy, meant to pass on the knowledge of duel monsters to the next generation. All students must spend their first year on their basics, before they are allowed to declare their major in summoning type at the beginning of their first year.
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Yu-Gi-Oh System
Be ready for action, drama, and whatever it is you like! More information in the forum.
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the Phantom theif
a old friend of yuya from from childhood show up and he has the power of pendulum how does he effect the story
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V rp
Just a Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V rp group. Descriptive. Have fun!
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Yu Gi Oh! Arc V:Mysteries in the Future
After the battle that changes the course of the 4 dimension Sakaki Yuya is back and this time he meet a boy from the future with a mysterious deck and a new summoning that change the faith of his future and current present.
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Yugioh:Another Story
[Yugioh,Gx,5DS,Zexal,and Arc-V own by Kazuki takahashi] Aoshima Hikari Went to shrine and pray for something amazing,from busshes he hear a sound went to he look it's a girl with White hair falling unconscious to the ground with her hand attaches device like Duel disk
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Phineas and Ferb Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Crossover
So my brother was watching the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V online and I started pondering on doing a crossover with Phineas and Ferb. Like with Star Wars, it would be an Alternate Universe where Phineas, Ferb, and his friends attend You Show Duel School with Yuya and Zuzu as the ARC-V plot unfolds. Some ARC-V characters would be missing in exchange for Phineas and Ferb characters. For example, Candace would replace Shay Obsidian and Jeremy would replace Dennis McField.
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Yugioh arc v: the hidden agent
Follow the story of shadow tsukumo as he fight aginst academia with friends and family (OCXserena) yuto Ruri k. Shun K. OC
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Blue Eyes In Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V
Noah Alexander, orphan who wants to become Seto Kaiba, has his wish granted but not in Yu-Gi-Oh DM however in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V, Can he become the Strongest Duleist?
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Yugioh Kexil Forum
Dies ist ein kleines forum wo man für Yugioh Kexil benutzen kann. Ich möchte das ihr natürlich eigene chara idee mit einbringt in die Geschichte wo ich gerade schreibe. So geht es am besten.
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