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Yugioh Arc-V Bringer of Legends and Duels
*Updated* The untold story continues in a new age within Domino City and Duel Academy. New generation of duelists are rising to become the champions and heroes of the future. Fight alongside your friends or duel spirits against the evil heart of the cards. Elsewhere The Lancer Defence Soldiers are at war with the fusion dimension, the invasion is now upon us. (Contains GX, 5d's, Zexal, and Arc-V elements)
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Arc-V: Bonds With the Spirits
The barrier with the Spirit World has been crumbling, and more and more monsters have been appearing on Earth. Bond with your favorite monsters, and fight alongside them as you fight for what you believe in.
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Arc V: Spirit Crisis
Every century a summoning war occurs. Spirits select champions in their fight for supremacy while under the watchful eyes of the guardians. However in every summoning war had laid destruction on all sides and affecting the realm of the living with no true victor. Now the question is. What will you do?
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Yugioh Arc V: Eternal Souls
The three Legendary Dragons have been called upon again. This time, their new enemies are the Wicked Gods. Can a group known as the Knights of Asgard defeat the Soul Chasers and prevent the evil counterparts of the Egyptian Gods from being freed from their prison?
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Hell's Bells
Unbeknownst to man, the shadows dance between the realm of the living and the 'other side', inviting them into a stage. Thus, nobody had truly expected that their fate would be gambled through the game of Duel Monsters…
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Believe in Trump Card!
You Show Duel School, a small school dedicated to help teach Duel Monsters to the duelists of the future. Though lacking in students and funds like other schools, they get by and always duel with their hearts and are rewarded with peaceful school days. It isn't until rumors of a "Dark Duelist" roaming Miami that gets worries rising, and with Pendulum Summoning and identity theft coming into play, those peaceful days are being drowned out by the sparks of war. -OC Cast, Intermediate RPers Welcome-
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V Star Dueling Academy
Welcome to the top dueling academy in the world, Star Dueling Academy, School Across the Stars! This school takes place on Earth. But, this school has one secret; the school is made of people from the Duel Spirit Realm! Play as your favorite duel monster and have fun as you make new friends and meet new rivals! Please read all the files so you know what to do!
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Grudge of Tragoedia (and other RPs)
An RP thread that focuses primarily on one RP, but may include other various RPs as seen fit by Forestfleet. Other participants can talk about RP-related things and even possibly create their own RPs in this thread.
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Yugioh Arc-V: We are Heroes
Set in Maiami city, where excitement for the Maiami cup has set in. Though there is a foul feeling in the air, something evil. Do you have what it takes to stand up and be a hero.
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the Phantom theif
a old friend of yuya from from childhood show up and he has the power of pendulum how does he effect the story
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