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Yes, ANOTHER YuGiOh GX Forum
Let's break the fourth wall! Nah, we're just going to discuss GX. We'll break that wall later. Try and be open minded, and refrain from being purposely cruel.
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Ashes of the Phoenix forum
Talk to me about Ashes of the Phoenix and what you think about it! I am gladly accepting OCs and CACs, so long as they're logical and within reason.
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Save The Story
Im sick of seeing author count a story out, clip its wings and leave it for dead. Just because the story has some low points or even wayy too many, that doesnt mean it isn't salvageable you need to do something about it!
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the truth
Has vampires, blood, might have death not main character . A Secert form years ago is comeing to take everyone. Secert after secert. will everyone live.
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Three YuGiOh GX Yaoi Oneshots
Just PM me on what shipping characters you want! :D Like Spiritshipping...etc. :O I'll write anything. c: But you also have to give a idea to the story. :O Like...what do you want it to be about. The first three that PM me o.o will get their request.
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Johan: Seme or Uke?
Is Johan/Jesse the Seme or Uke in Spiritshipping? Disscus it here.
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Attention YuGiOh! GX fans with deviantArt accounts
If you are a fan of Sartorious/Saiou Takuma and have a deviantArt account, would you join a fan group for him if I made one? I am BlondeWolf16 on dA. Please tell me your opinions on this!
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YUGIOH GX my version
If you want to be in my story give your Name: Appernce: Age: Deck use real cards : History: Dorm Other:
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yugioh gx rp
make an oc! And RP!
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YuGiOh! GX: How the game has changed
Come on in and discuss the various shippings and ways of YGX. We want to know your take on how GX differs from the original.
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Jaden's punshiment
what would happen when Jaden loses a battle
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Jaden is a Monster
Jaden is a 16 Year Old Boy and Vampire hated by everyone except for one Girl, Alexis Rhodes. Alexis in love with him and can's help it but will performance at the talent show leave everyone shocked. FianceShipping T for language
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Yugioh GX story challenges
A place where people can find and accept story challenges for Yugh GX. Crossovers welcome.
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Murid baru
Ada murid baru di Domino Senior High school, ia terlambat saat hari pertama ia masuk. Warning!AU, Fem!judai, Harem!Judai
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Rey y Reina
todos odian a jaden por culpa de yubel
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Elemental Hero AU?
Has anybody ever thought of making a story about the Elemental Heroes as a team of superheros, like the Avengers or the Justice League, in their own world, were they fight other monsters who are super villains?
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Megaman GX Force
Geo stelar was given a present by his father and the present was the deck and the deck was created by Pegasus. one week again his father was dead and the card and the glasses that left by his father kelvin. the card was omega-xis and he told everything about kelvin and promise to make many friend. Join Geo and his friend in Duel Academy Island (GeoxSonia)(JadenxAlexis)(SoloxLuna)
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(Yugioh Gx FanficSuperiorshipping)Sợi Dây Ràng Buộc Con Tim! Xa Cậu C
Khi 1 người yêu 1 ai đó, họ sẽ âm thầm, lặng lẽ yêu thương mình... Mà hình như chính mình còn không cảm nhận được tình cảm nhỏ bé của người ấy! Thế thì mình đã đắc tội với người đấy ư? Hay tại vì nhiều lý do mình có thể biện minh, cho qua đi để vơi nỗi buồn trong tim... Thôi thì tụi mình nên chia tay nhau thôi... ( Au ta đây xin thành thật trả lời rằng, đây là lần đầu tiên au đăng một cái fic chữ đấy! :D Nhưng ta rất tự hào vì đây là người đầu tiên trong fanfiction yugioh có Superiorshipping! Coi lạ
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Jeiden Yuki en High school dxd
Jeiden Yuki despues de que yubel fuera detenida por el y se unieran viajan a otra dimensión de demonios,Ángeles,Ángeles Caídos y otras criaturas y seres mitológicos que le deparará el destino a nuestro Protagonista pues los invito a ver.
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Mi manager Jaden x Syrus
Esta historia es Anikishipping. Jaden Yuki es un cantante muy famoso y todo el mundo jura a muerte que no tiene pareja, lo que no saben es que tiene cierta relación con su manager Syrus Truesdale.
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