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Code-R, Reach out for the Truth
The Vrains is a world wide phenomenon, a system that is considered a leap forward for humanity. But like most aspects of humanity, the Vrains comes with it's own secrets and those who seek to abuse it. A group of young hackers, Code-R, have set out uncover truths that threaten humanity. Sol-Tech has kept a lot under lock and key, and Code-R aim to expose it.
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Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains: Link Ignisation
Create a guild! Go on Quests! Duel someone or even go to our online cardshop by using Duel Points or even using real money! As forces that crept from the shadows step forth to enact their goals. RP here.
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Yugioh VRAINS Full-Net Crux RP Forum
In Den City, the Charisma Duelists engage in their duels online, using new personas and identities made for the fantastic and immersive Link VRAINS system spanning the entire local net. However, the forces of the Knights of Hanoi, led by the mysterious Revolver and the Thirteen Executives, arrive to lay waste to this world. They are a menace well known to one Yusaku Fujiki, but now, can the Charisma Duelists manage to fight back against Hanoi, or will their dangerous and deadly ends be met?
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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRains: Interlocked Lives
In a futuristic world where everyone is living their lives through the digital world, a horrible incident happens to innocent children. This terrible act, known as the Hanoi Project, has more far-reaching effects than anyone can guess...It's time to go into the VRains!
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Yugioh: VRebels
Private RP. Invite only.
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Yugioh Vrains:Hanoi Chronicles
Follow the Knights of Hanoi's journey as the heroes... instead of destroying Vrains, they am to protect it. in a world where Playmaker and AI went evil and Lightning is lose, its up to everyone to ban together to end this ease obey all forum rules, ad be curtious to other roleplayers.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Link Evolution
Link VRAINS is the Cyberspace where duelists can take the form of an avatar and take part in Virtual Reality Duels. Create a guild! Go on Quests!
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YuGiOhcooperative roleplay
For new duelist, In this new era of dueling, welcome to Vrains. Veterans and Amateurs alike are welcomed here. Those who wish to practice their skills, or interact with others, please feel free to. One fair warning, always be cautious, you can never be too careful, even in cyberspace.
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