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I AM AWARE I HAVE ANOTHER YUGIOH FORUM. Clarification: The two are not the same, as this one is focused around VRAINS time, and not Just after ARC-V.
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Yugioh: Into The VRAINS
Welcome to the new era of dueling, within the massive online network known as Link VRAINS! Fight to become the best duelist on VRAINS, or against the mysterious hacker group known as the Knights of Hanoi who have appeared, and try and discover the secrets of Cyberse in the process.
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Yugioh Vrains: Link Viral
Jump into the Vrains has you ride the storms of tomorrow! Duelists clash in the famous sport of duel monsters while a shadow lurks behind the curtain of the data world! RP here.
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Yugioh VRAINS Full-Net Crux RP Forum
In Den City, the Charisma Duelists engage in their duels online, using new personas and identities made for the fantastic and immersive Link VRAINS system spanning the entire local net. However, the forces of the Knights of Hanoi, led by the mysterious Revolver and the Thirteen Executives, arrive to lay waste to this world. They are a menace well known to one Yusaku Fujiki, but now, can the Charisma Duelists manage to fight back against Hanoi, or will their dangerous and deadly ends be met?
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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRains - Linked Destinies
Ten years prior, an incident occurred involving the abduction of six innocent children...A lot's happened since then, but with the new threat of Hanoi rising, a surprising opposition in the form of the mysterious Playmaker rises! *OC-centric, Intermediate/Advanced Roleplaying*
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YuGiOhcooperative roleplay
For new duelist, In this new era of dueling, welcome to Vrains. Veterans and Amateurs alike are welcomed here. Those who wish to practice their skills, or interact with others, please feel free to. One fair warning, always be cautious, you can never be too careful, even in cyberspace.
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Yugioh VRAINS: Cyberse Revolt
Private RP between myself and darkhaseo90. PM for invite if you don't mind yaoi.
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