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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Into the Shadows
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The Duel Monsters Writing Academy
Our pens (keyboards) are our duel disks and our stories are our monsters. The challenges are our traps and the rewards are our spells. A place to find challenges for any and all yugioh series (including DM, GX, 5Ds, ZEXAL, Arc-V and the mangas and games).
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Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL: Overlaying Legend!
Join in with an OC or take a canon as the story of ZEXAL is rewritten, with new heroes, new monsters, new friends, a new school, and strong enemies to duel! Follow this new story as you and others join in to help restore Astral's memories and find out the secret of the Numbers! -Follow Anime Storyline-
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ZEXAL General Discussion, Writer's Hideout
This forum is for general ZEXAL discussion of both the series and its fanfiction. With Fact Checker, for all your fanfiction needs! / / Though we may be inactive, feel free to join in; we're always looking for new conversation! Advertising space available also. :P
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KR Anxietyshipping Kingdom
This forum is for all things Anxietyshipping. :D Come on, join in on the fun!
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ZEXAL'S BARian Hideout
A general discussion area on the ZeXal mangas, anime, characters, decks, and news. Spoilers will be in the thread titles (especially for upcoming anime previews, characters and its' appearances, deck news, etcetera).
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yugioh: brand new beginnings
can you help stop the evil doers from trapping the soul of every duelist in the cards(new look same forum in a way)
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Zexal Rebirth!
Time to rekindle the spark of the Zexal universe, where people of all backgrounds join and duel together with XYZ monsters as they struggle to rise to the top! Do you have what it takes?
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OC Chat Room
A chat room for Zexal OCs. Authors can RP as their OCs and chat with other OCs.
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Yugioh: War of the Titans
the world is in chaos and its only hope is 7 young teens to prevent it from being destroyed.
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ZEXAL Fanfiction Challenges
Anyone can post up a challenge/prompt for anyone to complete to their liking. There may be some competitions from the users, come and join if you like! Let's get this rolling!
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Yu-Gi-Oh: Countdown to Doomsday RP
Tales of four legendary duelists are known all over the world. No one knows if they are true or not, but one thing is for sure: a new evil is arisng. It is up to some ordinary duelists to do the extraordinary and join the legends. But will they be able to defeat the undefeated? That is all up to fate...
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ZEXAL Writers' Attic
Improve your writing with others. Pointers, tips, advice, and articles on what you can try to write on. If you like, we can use this for some quick proofreads as well. There will be some ZEXAL subjects here, too! Just come along and join us in the attic.
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Yugioh Rp, Community
(1st Forum...) Be who you are, and try you best to succeed. Learn to duel, and gain more. Practice you rp here :)
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Yugioh: Into the Evermore
Just a forum to pitch around ideas for fanfics, pm for info or any ideas or suggestions for custom non-konami created cards and person responsible for image. Also Original characters and updates on the fanfic Yugioh: Into the Evermore.
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