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YuGiOh Roleplay
This is a Yugioh rolplay Forum! you can be one of the characters from the show or an OC! If you want to be an OC please pm me or put the info on the Forum!
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Best Puzzleshipping Story Contest
The rules are simple. I want readers to nominate their favorite puzzleshipping stories & each month a panel of judges will pick a winner. At the end of the year, the twelve finalists will be voted on until there is only one. What story will be named BPS of 2016?
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The YuGiOh! Fanfiction Contest
Welcome to the headquarters of the biggest YGO contest on the site. Come sign up, write some fics, and make some friends. If you're not competitive or missed the window, don't worry! We've got tons of other stuff too - AND we don't bite! Much.
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Wildheart-Edge's Duel Monsters RP Forum
INVITE ONLY. To all those welcomed, friendly Duel Monsters-related roleplays - set both inside and/or outside of the canon Yu-Gi-Oh! universes - are the norm here! Mass crossovers are also relatively common here, as a heads-up, including RPs involving characters from outside the YGO! franchise.
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YugiOh 7 worlds
A special RP, play in all seven series' Domino city, Duel Academy, Neo-Domino, Heartland, and so on. Be a cannon or an OC and save the world from darkness of the Shadow Games ;3 Now hosting Zexal, Arc-V, Vrains and Sevens RP's!
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A collection of Yu-Gi-Oh Role-plays. Come and join in.
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The Sun and Moon's eternal canticle
A tale that shows when the darkness falls in love with the light; dancing just out of reach, one can only match move for move, the machinations of fate; and thus defy the tyrannous stars.
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Yugioh The Tournament of the Millennium
The duel world has been thriving as of recent, but suddenly, the world's most powerful duelists have disappeared to a mysterious arena, where they are pitted against each other in duels with no escape. Who is behind all this, what is the intention? One thing's for sure, the this tournament will be the one of the millennium!
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Yugioh: Across the dimensions
(PRIVATE RP) Every legend has a begning. Every story is told differently. This is a different story...but is it for the better?
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Era Paradox
In the future, in Paradox' world. A bunch of OCs get time travel abilities so they can go wherever they want in the past! Come join the fun!
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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Sky Breach Academy
Welcome to Sky Breach Academy! Sky Breach Academy is a fantastic place where duelists from around the world come to learn the game, improve their skills or just have a good time with the friends they make! Talk, play and hang out with your friends! Improve your skills and shoot for the top of the Duel Tower! All that and more here at Sky Breach Academy! Just one thing - never go down below into the academy's basement. (Yu-Gi-Oh RP Server)
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Harry Potter and the Shadow Mages
A forum for role playing a Harry Potter Yugioh Crossover!
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Wildheart-Edge's Duel Monsters Roleplay Forum
INVITE ONLY. To all those welcomed, friendly Duel Monsters-related roleplays - set both inside and/or outside of the canon Yu-Gi-Oh! universes - are the norm here! Mass crossovers are also relatively common here, as a heads-up, including RPs involving characters from outside the YGO! franchise.
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Screaming Eases the Pain
What makes you want to smash your head against the keyboard? Everybody has a pet peeve, complain about what's wrong with the world of Yuugioh here...
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What does Pot of Greed do? (This Forum takes place in multiple separate 'Parallels'. If you don't like it, I didn't force you to be here.)
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YuGiOh: You've Got Questions We've Got Answers
This is a fun oriented forum where the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh will answer your questions or just chat with you. Everyone is IN CHARACTER! If you're interested in playing a character we're still accepting auditions!
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Dueling Spirits
The spirit world is in danger for spooky reasons that totally aren't just excuses to have tournament arcs and more duels. In response to this threat, the six guardians that protect the gates to the spirit world are searching for people to protect it. Make an OC, take on a spirit form, and join the duel. We use YGOPro Percy and/or Dueling Nexus so there's no cheating or fake draws. Chat is on discord but there will be a link to it on the forum. Join if you're interested
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Yu-Gi-Oh! RP project
A Role-playing project Just For Fun, centered around the yu-gi-oh universe. Roles Taken: 12 Roles Open: List inside! If anyone is interested,then pick wichever character you are most comfortable with, and come to YGOfangirl4ever to apply. Open to anyone who is a nice person and can get along and have fun!
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Borderline Mary Sue Disorder Does your OC have it
Is your OC great, stunning, talented, beautiful, has an item, liked by Yugitatchi and saves the day? Put your OC's on display here. Or you can be the judge and tell others what's wrong with the char. Undergoing "upgrades". Have fun.
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If You Love YuGiOh
A place where you can talk about the Characters of YGO,share favorite fanfictions,give your personal opinions,express frustrations,talk about the anime or the manga,whatever you want really!Its a discussion! DISCUSS STUFF!
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YuGiOh! Roleplay Sequel
A private, invite-only sequel to an old Yu-Gi-Oh! Roleplay. AU/OOC.
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Pairing discussion
are there pairings you like? dislike? well, talk about it here! Yoai and Yuri welcome
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Who's Mr Domino City?
Vote on the sexiest male character in YuGiOh! Tell me who will be the new Mr. Domino City!
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Rare Pairings
Got a fondness for an unusual or underrated pairing? Discuss it here. Yaoi, yuri, and het are all accepted; um, try to avoid crossovers though, as those can be a little TOO obscure. :D PLEASE TO NOT BE FLAMING, KTHX.
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YuGiOh TCG: Duelists Island
Come in and create your deck! Then duel in an online formatting using your popular YuGiOh cards! Join the Tournament, and take 4 Star Chips. Wager your Star Chips, duel, and try to get to Duelists Castle, to claim your title as the top Duelist!
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