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Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files 2
This is going to be an rpg based on events that happen after Yu Yu Hakusho
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Yu Yu Hakusho Cafe
Just some random forum. Totally not related to the actual cafe. You should also check out r/Yuyuhakusho.
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Yu Yu Hakusho forum
I'm putting one of these up. If you want to rp Yu Yu Hakusho or discuss the show or whatever, come here.
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I love boys! With other boys
Dedicated to all the fabulous yaoi pairings in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Join the scandalous debate: who makes a good pairing, and what pairings only exist in a fangirl's wildest dreams?
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YUYu RP live it up!
Ok let's role play don't worry about Marry-sue here do what you want as long as you follow the rule's! NEW ask the characters!
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Looking to start a YYH RP. Takes place after the Demon World Tournament, when the Makai barrior is down. You can either play a cannon character Try to keep OOCness to a minimum or an OC Demon, Psychic Human, or a normal Human
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A forum dedicated to getting many group story challenges off the ground. Feel Free to Join
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Yoko's Kurama shrine
droolKurama...yoko...oh sorry do you love this fox well...this is the place for you!
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Hiei and Kurama are not gay
This is a place for debate people. Are Hiei and Kurama gay or not? Come here to place your opinion
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In Support of the Underdogs
In YYH, there are several characters coughKuwabaracough who see unnecesary abuse by fans. Here is a place where those who would defend those characters can unite, and those who hate them may come to rain spite down upon them. Other YYH topics accepted.
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The Valiant, The Abused
Yu Yu Hakuhso has many misunderstood, wrongfully abused canon characters. Here, learn about the good traits that every member of the YYH cast has, and discover what makes today's abused characters worthwhile.
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If you were zapped into the YYH world what would you want to happen
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Yu Yu Pairings
What's your favorite pairing? Discuss, comment, or talk about one that isn't listed. Even the oddest pairings can and will be discussed!
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Yu Yu Hakusho
Who wants to do this RP with me?
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Kurama and Hiei
send me an email if you love yaoi. maybe we can be friends
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YYH Writing Recruits
I'm having problems starting a new YYH fic and I'm looking for people to cowrite with me.
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Cliches and Canon
Discussions on writing faux pas and necessarily evils. Where is it acceptable to use cliches and where it is just wrong. All comments welcome. Please no flaming. Also, the traits of a MarySue.
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A new forum for the new wave of awesome as fuck fanfiction and awesome as fuck fanfiction writers.
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Rant Place!
Yeah. Come here if you need some help, information or a place to vent. Discussions about MarySue and OOCness and anything else we can think of..
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You got a challenge for the authors of Fanfiction to write about concerning YuYu Hakusho? Post it here. From story ideas to simply offering advice or asking authors to write more of something, POST IT HERE!
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No Humans Allowed
No humans allowed here! Create a demon character, and rp your heart out!
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Find and Recommending YYH Fics
This thread exists to help you find a fic when you cant remember the title or the summary only bits and pieces of the fic. Also for people to recommend any fics that have really liked.
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Yuu Roleplay
Ok so this is my first form. Anyway, this is a form for people who wanna play in Yu Yu Hakusho. Anyone can join, you dont have to be one of the original characters, I am my own made up character that some of you might have read about in my story about YU
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A place to talk about avoiding Mary-sue/Gary-stu OC's, keeping Canon characters in character and learning how to fine tune the points in your fic. Only constructive criticism allowed please be respectful and all story types and pairings are excepted!
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Forum Yu Yu Hakusho!
A place to come in, chat about your fave YYH eps, chars, fics, ect, ect. Feel free to advertise your own YYH work here as well as recomend YYH fics by other people. Overall, just a place for those who love Yu Yu Hakusho.
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