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Roleplaying forum!
All Rp's go here!
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Battles of the Mamodos
Have you ever seen the show Zatch Bell, and wanted to know what it would be like to have your own mamodo, and be in a mamodo battle? Now is your time to find out. Join the battle, find a partner, learn awesome spells for your mamodo to use. Will your mamodo become king?
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The Zatch Bell Forum: Episodes, Characters, Custom
Okay forum is back and working! Welcome to the General Zatch Bell forum! Discuss favorite mamodos, plots and episodes! And create your own mamodos.
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Zatch Bell Romance Forum
For all those that want to post about your favourite couples, go here!
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OC Mamodo Teams
Post mamodo teams hear
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User Created Mamodo's
Use this forum to place mamodo's you have made that can be used by other writers to some extent at any time.
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Zatch Bell Bloopers
This is where you can create bloopers for episodes of Zatch Bell
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bring your created mamodo's here!
well hi everyone. as you know i am a big fan of zatch bell. all you have to do is just create your mamodo's here. i know you think this is just like other forum's but i'll add your mamodo in my story right away! please!
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Silver Demon Tournament RPG Forums
A thousand years have passed since the last Demon Tournament occured within the Mortal World. Now, a new generation of Demons arise to compete for the crown and become the ultimate champion of the century! Who will it be?
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Zatch Bell OC Momodo teams
Zatch Bell is one of the most well done Animes I've seen. I like it so much I've actually made some OC teams (though I'm still trying to find them). Here I've made a Forum brief list of things to include for people's OCs, for anyone who wants to post and join the Zatch Bell fan club.
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gash bell
talk about favorite characters and spells. anyone who can find spells that are not mentioned in the show, post here
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This is a forum where you can talk about ZatchGash character appearances or episodes. Anything related to the topic. So come on in! Warning: Some topics may contain heavy spoilers
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The Adoption Center
Having trouble coming up with a Mamodo? Well come on in and adopt you one.
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the unknown enimeies
Zatch and Keo excuse spelling find that there best friends meguim and Tia have been taken under mind control and they must fight them while trying to help them regain their minds from a new mamodo called Marissa and her master Miosuki.
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The Metallic Spellbook
Welcome all ZB fans! This forum is for people who have a favorite Mamodo from the show and for those who have one of their own!
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If you've ever read my Z.B. story, Pymara, then you'd know I create new mamodo in almost every chapter. Well, I'm gonna let you give me your mamodo ideas and I'll use 'em! Thanks!
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Mamodo you hate
This forum is for people who have a mamodo they dislike and want to shoot, drown etc. Join in the fun. Nothing too graphic please.
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You know you are addicted to Zatch bell if
You post ideas you would do if they were obssesed with Zatch Bell.1. You take a hose and spray your friends with it saying Akur2.For a dance contest you do iron man folgore.3.Everytime after you eat a melon you sing the very melon song.
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Mamodo Ideas
if you have ever wanted to make a mamodo this is the place some mamodos may even go into my stories
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Yet more RPs
What it says yet more RPs
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Offical Zatch RP SITE
Ok, so people keep sayingt hey will make one, but they dont. Im gonna start an offical one on Proboards. I'll give you all the link. Anyone have a problem with that?
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1000 Years more RPG
Come join my rpg, have a world of fun. Kill. Kill. I mean....Kill. No what I meant to say was, KILL. Oh ! come have a kill ball.
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Zatch Bell
Zatch Bell and everyone else
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Talk about any of your mamodo's
Hey If you want talk about your mamodo here
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things zatch bell characters wouldnt say
post things that zb characters would never say ex.zatch:to tiaim gonna make love to yah woman!ect.
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