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Organoid Role Play
Organoid role playing! Original characters only, anyone's free to join!
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Chaotic Century Chat
Just what the title says. Talk about anything from Chaotic Century/Guardian Force- fave pairings, Zoids, characters, battles, anything you want. Remember, CC/GF only! No NC0! Also, chat with me about any of my fics! :P
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Zoids RP
Zoids RP forum, Cause we haven't had one of these in over a year.
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Zoids EVR
As darkness falls the war between the Republic and the Empire grows more intense. As bloodshed leads to more bloodshed the ground is stained crimson. The only one who can turn the tied of the war is you.
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War, it effects more than those who fight in it. This is the story of those who survived as civilians, mercenaries, those who choose to avoid fighting to pursue their own goals. This is the story of how the great war between the Republic and Empire effect the populous of either side.
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Zoids: New Century Legends
The chaos of the war for Ultimate X has ended, but the story isn't over yet! Bit Cloud and his teammates have been captured by a new organisation known as Knights. It's time to step up and save them!
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Zoids anyone?
Wanna chat about zoids? Bring it on! Welcome to the zoids forum! Keep it safe, not too violent, you know the rules. Now start chattin!
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Zoids Romance
Talk about any of your favorite pairings throughout all the different series.
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finding fics
hey guys and gals. i am looking for two fanfics from zoids to add to my favs section, but can't find them. they are Battle Dawn and Searching the Past. if you know the page they are on or the author, please tell me so i can add them to my favs section.
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Zoid Cove
Talk about Zoids
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Chaotic Battle
Post Here about your favorite Zoids MangaEpisodes in Chaotic Century. Please do not list such names as Bit or Leena
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Ancient Legacies: A Zoids Earthsiege 2 Crossover
This forum is for the discussion of Dragon Raptor's Ancient Legacies crossover line of fics, as well as those fics which have been and are being authored by Joint Authors as part of the project.
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I need help.
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Zoids chat
hey do you want to chat about zoids see whats new find out stuff you didnt know just share what you know of zoids or your stories and just chat about zoids
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Your favorites
Do you have an OC? Or a favorite character? Maybe a favorite zoid. Maybe you have your own team, what would it consist of? Random chatting
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Zoids: Endless Destiny
A place to talk about ideas, concepts, tips, etc. for Zoid Authors. Enjoy!
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New World Order: A Zoids RP
All are free to join! 40 years after the defeat of the Ultimate Deathsaurer by the Guardian Force a new generation emerges. Will their futures be wrought with new enemies, war, peace, adventure? We now that's up to you to decide.
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Old Fic
I am trying to remember the name of an old fic that has been removed. In it the characters are able to transform into animals. I know that it was removed when FFN changed the rules to disallow NC-17 stories. If you have any information please let me know.
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zoid battles
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