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xxxHolic rp
well the other one on here isn't really a roleplay so here this is
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DoumekixWatanuki: discussion
discuss the hints and proof of the relationship between Doumeki Shizuka and Watanuki Kimihiro running deeper than friendship. spoilers welcome.
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xxxHoLic Squeeers of the World
This is the place to discuss xxxHoLic pairings, speculation and, of course, squees. Kampai!
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The End of xxxHOLIC
Anyone else out there frustrated by the ending?
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xXxHOLiC first Forum
hahaha this is the first xxxHOLiC forum yet! feel free to talk about anything about xxxHOLiC and characters, this is a general forum but you may crossover with TRC if you wish.
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DouHimaWata: One Hundred and Four Sunflowers
I'm a proud advocate of the DoumekiHimawariWatanuki ot3, especially now with the interactions with recent chapters. I know my kind are few, but I'd like to see how many of you out there if there is anyone support the DouHimaWata ot3.
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No Puedo Evitarlo
el pensamiento de Doumeki..espero les guste..un poco fuerte, slash? ps... advertidos de que es Yaoi duxwata
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The Crossovers XxxHOLiC Version
This forum is all about Xxxholic and its mysteries behind it, then the "long slender" designs of Watanuki Kimihiro, Ichihara Yuuko and other characters. And yes, I love Mokona! D
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Himawari Fan Club!
Support Himawari, who is AWESOME! Whether it be a pairing or simply her amazing character, support goes here!
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Welcome to the roleplay forum of xxxHOLiC. This takes place at the start of the manga and/or anime, where Watanuki has been revealed to have Ayakashi and Youkai chasing after him, as well. Your characters may have the same problem, or not have any at all. This is a strict forum, so if you can't take it, I won't apologize. Have a great time!
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xxxHolic fandom
Anyone in the fandom still around? Making a fanfiction for xxxHolic and want to make something good out of it. just curious if it's still alive as I have been a long time fan of the series.
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