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A Song of Ice and Fire:Alternate Beginnings
What if key characters such as Aerys Targaryen, Tywin Lannister, Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, and many more were never born in Westeros? A whole different outcome for the World of Ice and Fire but of course! Join today with an Original Character, and either bend the knees to the Targaryens or start a Rebellion.
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1800 watteva
okay, there are no 1800 forums or there weren't, so i decided to make 1! cum talk 2 me!
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A Forbidden Love
Rob and Jess are never supposed to be together, but they beat the odds and are planning to spend the rest of their lives together. I'm starting a forum so that we can talk about what you think they should do about their forbidden love.
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what was once was long ago when your a kid every one is nice no is safe now
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Loving to Hate you
Meet Leila, Hermione's younger cousin just starting her first year of Hogwarts.Falling in love with the enemy, but what happens when your only chance of saving your family is to be under his control.
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Respondo sus dudas nenas
¿Preguntas de crepusculo que quieran saber sus respuestas? yo las tengo solo pongan su pregunta!
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House of Comarré series
I can't be the only one wanting to write a fanfiction for this book series, right? The House of Comarré series belongs to Kristen Painter.
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