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The 39 Clues Elimination
This was supposed to be a forum for some contest, but then it turned into a chatting place. It's crazy how time goes by.
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The Madrigals
Here, you can chat with other authors trying to make the 39 Clues fandom a better place. Don't worry, we don't bite.
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The Vespers Hangout
We are the Vespers, and we're waiting for you. But are we the typical evil Vespers, ready to over throw the Cahills? No, we are the VESPERS! Evil, ruthless and crazy. (And a TAD of randomness... Not) Now come and join us, don't let us set some of our best spies to come and force you. :)
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Fans, to Fanatics
People can always be fans of something. But sometimes, you go beyond that. You become FANATICS!
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Writer's Corner
Here at the Writer's Corner, you can learn a lot from your fellow authors. Pick up some tips, find out the 'Do's and 'Don't's, or ask people to read your stories if it's not getting enough reviews! And of course, make some new friends.
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T39C Haven
Welcome to T39C Haven! This is where T39C fandom members (or not, we're not judging) come together to discuss story ideas, fanfictions, songs, and miscellaneous other topics! We hope you enjoy your stay. (Cover by TheGraceOfDawn)
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Cahills, Vespers, and Communication Includes a RP
This is where you can join your fellow Lucians, Ekats, Janus, Tomas, Madrigal, and Vespers to RolePlay, chat, enjoy, have fun, strengthen skills, join a collaboration for the story "Forgoteen in Love," and much, much more! Everyone is welcome!
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Come One, Come All
As the title says, Come One, Come All! Here is where authors come to talk about anything! There are different topics in this forum, pick one and enjoy! Come one, come all!
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I Want Reviews
Do you crave more reviews? Would you like a variety of opinions to read your story? You've come to the right place! This forum is where you can request reviews!
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What Cahill are you?
We all know of the four branches in the series, but I would like to know what family your belong too. I have only one catch. No bad mouthing the other branches. You can say tings like," branch name is going to win," or what makes your branch better, but
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Author's Chat
Come here to talk about anything you want. Randomness thrives here! Enjoy! :
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The Real Writer's Haven
This is where authors can vent their feelings towards fangirls, ask if their ideas aren't cliche, tell others to flame or CC certain stories and most of all, have fun and chat!
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amy and dan's branch and how will it affect amian?
in this fourm u can discuss amy and dan's branch and amian but plz no trash talking the madrigals or ian kabra it's ok to dis isabel kabra a lilte bit or discuss any plans on elimantion for isable kabra
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39 Clues: Cahills vs Vespers & Unstoppable
Big fan of the 39 clues? Then come here to talk about the first, second, or third series! Or just simply chat!
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The World of RP
The 39 Clues Role Play, for anyone who isn't involved in the original forum. OC's and cannon characters all up for grabs! No Mary-Sue's allowed.
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sooo ive read a bunch of these 39 clues stories since there was like 2 pages and i just wanna know why all you guys love ian and iamy cause i personally think ian is such a worm and i really don't like him! you're all gonna hate me but i actually really l
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39 Clues Hangout
Come talk about T39C, or move off topic like we always do. Anyone's welcome to T39C Hangout!
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A Million Reviews
Have you ever wanted a million reviews? Well, this group strives to help writers who aren't getting enough recognition to fulfill their review requests. Have a look and see how you can make a difference.
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The lets-populate-the-39-Clues-fandom forum!
This is where all of us 39 Clues authors can exchange plots and help populate the 39 Clues fandom! It is also for chatting with other fans!
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The IanAmy Liberation Front
A forum where we can discuss plots that will make the authors reconsider a romance. Even though it is a tad too late, seeing as they probably finished the last books... Well, we can dream.
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What Branch Do You Prefer?
What Cahill Branch is your favorite?
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Dan Cahill's Ninja Squadron of Honesty
Reviewing authors since 2011. Not officially affiliated with any other fandom improving organization, although we do support what they do. We just review honestly. No flames, just honesty.
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39 Clues Monthly Prompt
Monthly challenges for writers eager to expand in their writing capabilities. And yes, this is a contest.
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Amian Army
A forum dedicated to the amazing 39 Clues pairing of Amian- Amy Cahill and Ian Kabra. (Sometimes called Iamy.) Join the army- support the cause! Chat and have fun! :)
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A Little is a Lot' Challenge
For my drabble prompt challenge in which rookie writers may become better, little by little, in a fairly simple way.
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