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A Song of Ice and Fire
The year is 547 AC, and summer has ended. King Daeron III Targaryen struggles to control his vassals, as tension is rising by the hand of a dead king. The Wall lies in ruin, and Valyrian Steel is a relic, almost unknown to men. Will you fight for freedom? Or will you defend the House Targaryen, at both it's peak and it's lowest point? [ASoIaF Roleplay Forum][Active September 2017]['Reboot' Soon!]
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Taking Suggestions for Carols of Christmas
I am taking suggestions for ideas for what happens to my characters.
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A Phantom Christmas Carol (kids version)
The Phantom is not a very nice man. He is selfish and mean to employees and his family. He doesn’t understand the meaning of Christmas at all. Then three ghosts appear, haunting the Phantom. One shows him Christmas past. One shows Christmas present. And one shows him an eerie Christmas future. Now the Phantom has one last chance to turn his life around...before it is too late.
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