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Alas Negras, Palabras Negras
La partida ha comenzado y este es el mejor lugar para jugar al juego de tronos: retos para poner a prueba tu creatividad, desafíos imposibles, juegos, debates y teorías, novedades de la serie y de los libros, recomendaciones de fics... Siéntete bienvenido seas lector o escritor. ¡Te esperamos!
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A Song of Ice and Fire: The Families That Prey Together (Closed)
Daenaerys is rising in Essos just as conflicts wind down in Westeros. It has been a year, and Westeros is still reeling from the War of the Five Kings. House Stark has risen from its broken state, fragile and not fully whole. On the other hand, the Iron Throne seems rather more content with the passage of time. The Reach, however, is on the brink of an all-out civil war, and the Riverlands have been torn asunder. Despite any man's best efforts to say the least, peace has never been a thing to last…
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A Song Of Ice And Fire
100 years after the War of. The five kings. The throne is held by the Targeryans with a strong defense. But nothing is certain in the Game of Throne, you either win or die. In a world where nothing is Certain the Queen Eleana fights to maintain her Kingdom. And allies will turn brother against brother. Nothing is certain as even those who hate each other will find themselves fighting back to back on the battlefield or reluctant allies in court. Come join and Make an OC (ACTIVE August 2017)
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The Hearts of Dragons - A Game of Thrones RP
After his victory at the Trident and capture of Robert Baratheon, Rhaegar Targaryen became King Rhaegar I Targaryen, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. Now, over a decade later, he still sits upon the throne, though times are uneasy. There are threats to King, Country, and even Family as secrets threaten to destroy Westeros just as much as blades.
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The Game of Thrones
Welcome to Westeros, where Queen Eleana Targaryen, granddaughter of the great Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, rules the land. Become a royal, lord, lady, or commoner and make your choice to bend the knee, or put up a fight. But Remember: in the Game of Thrones, you either win, or you die. (ACTIVE DECEMBER 2016)
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Game of Thrones: There Can Be Only Death
Word will reach the corners of Westeros soon. In King's Landing Ned Stark has been executed, and in the north the army of Robb Stark, his son and heir, now turns to a full fledged Independence movement. In the east, Daenerys Targaryen seems to have all but disappeared, only to reemerge at the gates of Qarth. At the Wall, the men of the Night's Watch venture forth on a 'great ranging' to uncover the truth beyond the wall. The pieces on the board are set, and it's time to figure out where you stand.
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A Roleplay Game of Thrones Private RP
Private ASOIAF/GOT RPG [Invitation only]
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Winter Is Coming: Rp
In the Seven Kingdoms, winter is coming. As tensions rise, it's not only the high born Lords and Ladies that are affected. The peasants and the low-borns are the worst. When Lord Eddard Stark is declared the Hand of the King, that's where the little stories start. The stories of the ones not counted but who hold perhaps, the greatest tales of them all. OC. Starts from the beginning of it all.
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o ganas o mueres
foro de cancion de hielo y fuego, pasen si quieren, rolear mucho atrevete a unir a esta corte, todos son bienvenidos
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A Song of Ice and Fire: Valar Morghulis
Starts where the story begins. Kings rule the lands. All who break the law gets slaughtered. All who seek refugee die. In a place where no one is safe, how will people's hope survive?
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A Song of Ice and Fire: Survivng Winter RPG
A serious RPG for fans of the books and storyline in all its original glory.
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Jons Parentage
Just wondering if I'm the only one who thinks that Lyanna and Rhaegar might be Jons parents? I only curious if this is an idea only I've had or if others think it's possible too. The timeline fits, and there's Lyannas promise, her dying in blood... anyone
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A Song of Ice and Fire: The Story Dare Forum
Want to write something other than your usual fics? Looking for a challenge? Come here and discover story dares, contests, and ideas! All characters, ratings, and pairings are welcome!
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Game of ThronesTV pandemic
Opinions on the HBO series...how close is it to the book, how do the actors compare to your personal image, and most importantly-what's with the sudden influx of TV GoT fanfic in the book catagory?
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A Song of Ice and Fire: Thoughts, theories, discussions, and feelings
The place to come for all your ASOIAF needs and feels! Discuss the books! Discuss the tv show! Discuss characters and ships!
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So Ice and Fire?
There are a few theories milling around about the answer behind the series' title "a song of ice and fire" so care to discuss?
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Wildfyre Empires
The year is 714, and the world has changed unimaginably since The War of Five Kings. The world is now divided among a handful Industrial Empires with countless native peoples stomped underheel. Of these the largest is The Empire of Westeros, controlling a third of the world's land and a fourth of its people. However a war looms over the horizon, one more devastating than previously thought possible. The stage is set; choose your side and prepare. For this war will determine the next thousand years of histor
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Recommendations and Requests
A place to recommend great fics or request your own be read. A forum where reviews are encouraged and stories are shared.
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Game of Thrones--an AU rp
Set in a world where Aerys won Robert's Rebellion, Viserys and Daenerys now rule Westeros and have a male heir. A nameless girl and a black-haired boy are going to stir up some trouble...
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Canción de Hielo y Fuego ASoIaF
Tránsportate a un mundo donde las espadas y la magia se unen para mostrarte aventuras, batallas, amores y mucho más! Descubre a Poniente! Para los fans de la saga A Song of Ice and Fire de George R.R Martin... !
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A Song of Ice and Fire: The King is dead
Robert Baratheon is dead. In his place stand five men who would be King. Sellsword, Hedge Knight, Conscript, Camp Follower. These - among others - are the paths you might take. But who are you, and who's side will you take?
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Discuss parallels between this Stark generation and the last
What parallels do the current stark children, the living, have with the last? Who is the new wild wolf? Who is the new quiet wolf? The She-Wolf? The pup?
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The Snow in Westeros
A forum I want to dedicate to stories and ideas for stories with Jon Snow either being raised somewhere else and not taking the black, him choosing to serve as a Squire in King's Landing with his family or staying in Winterfell with Robb for when the war begins.
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The Dragons' Live
What if Aerys and Rhaella dead children survived to adulthood along Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys. How will the story go?
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