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Kill Him
You work in an industry where you need to make people fall in love with you and then kill them. On day your boss called you over and told you you shoukd kill this guy... Who is he?
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the life with powers
A Boy name jay with powers
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Do you have Wattpad?
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YOKOI Highschool
This is about a character called Osiris that just moved to a new school, yokoi high. He's getting along great, new friends, new teachers, and... A supercute crush, Norah. He battles a fatal flaw though. He has a demon inside his head. he cant think strai sometimes. Lets see if Osirs can set himself free.
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4 Or More
True Love
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Trouble , double distraction
Ian moves to LA not just to have a free life but to save his girlfriend (Scarlet) that he lost over 1year ago but he gets distracted from the most beautiful twins (Stacey &Lacey) that he meets , will he get to resist them to save his girlfriend or will the twins darkest secret ruin everything and will Ian get out alive from finding out one of the twins secret...
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