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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter One-shot Contest
I couldn't find the Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter category, but the title says it all. This is a one-shot contest for movie-verse. I will give you my OC, and you make the one-shot with her. It can be any pairing, any rating, any setting. Any timeframe within the OC's life. Message me for details! Have fun and good luck!
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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Writers Fans unite
Its so hard to get reviews for fanfics in this fandom : ( Thats why i think fanfic writers should unite review each others work CONSTANTLY. better to have one constant reviwer than one that just vanishes. This includes fans too, help us writers improve and make the story more enjoyable for you and everyone to read. Only way to do that is if we exchange critique fans and writers. Then everyone is happy!
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I know that not many people visit ALVH anymore, but oh well, I gotta try! I've noticed that there's really only 1 or 2 fanfics that actually features Edeva. Most of them just mention her in passing. So, that got me wondering: what if someone came up with a story in which Edeva actually survives and becomes immortal like Henry? It could be either book or movie world, I'm not picky (I would prefer movie though, cause -ahem- Dominic Cooper). What do you say, anyone up to the challenge?
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vampire hunter: coraline's quest
coralline is now a vampire hunter but Coraline did not know that Evan was actually a vampire
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Vampires vs Vampire Hunters
This is about how Vampire Hunters are hunting Vampires for Freak shows and money. Vampires are in danger until one Vampire Hunter stumbled into the vampire kingdom wounded and needing medical attention
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